December 21, 2013


I love writing. For as long as I can remember, I have always had an on-going journal with my rambles and thoughts. I think writing can be very therapeutic and can help you through some tough times. For me, sometimes it's difficult to say exactly what I'm thinking, but when it comes to writing - I just let the pen do the work!

I'm in the middle of my "end-of-the-year-clean-and-organize-everything-in-the-house" phase and I stumbled across a whole pile of poetry and short stories I have written over the years. Some dating back as far as the '90's!

I thought it'd be fun to share some of them on here, with all of you!


as we stand here, staring into each others eyes
i adore you, love you, want you - need you in my life
your smile brightens even the darkest of days
i long for you to hold me, caress me - want me too
as you run your hand gently through my hair
you slide your hand sensitively down my spine
your slightest touch sends shivers throughout my body
you pull me into your embrace and you kiss me
gentle, yet full of passion, desire and lust
my body quivers in delight from the thought of us together
our bodies unite as one and lift us both into ecstasy and bliss

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