December 10, 2013

JennJenn is Breaking Out Of Her Comfort Zone

Part of my New Years resolution is going to be to try new things and to meet new people. I started working on this last night.......
I'm not new to the Earl's franchise. I lived in Vancouver and would often frequent the Yaletown location. Especially on summer day - I mean, who wouldn't enjoy sitting on the patio and enjoying a pitcher (or 2) of sangria with your best gal pals? Not to mention the sangria is AHHMAZING.
Last night however, I experienced MANY new things. I'm known as a somewhat...."picky" eater. I have not tried many things and this has brought some scrutiny my way. A friend on Twitter decided I just HAD to try Earl’s Prawn Dynamite Roll (panko breaded prawns, mango, avocado, cucumber, maple soy reduction and sriracha mayonnaise, toasted black sesame seeds). I’m not going to lie, I was extremely hesitant. 1. I had only ever tried sushi once before, and was not a huge fan. 2. There is Sriracha may on drizzled on the rolls. I am NOT a fan of mayo, at all. The smell makes me gag. (Stop laughing at me now…)
But nonetheless, I pulled up my big girl pants (actually, I was wearing a skirt….) and agreed to try it.

My friend (@ThatGirlCartier) and I were disappointed we didn’t get to meet Michelle, the person who runs @earlskingst Social Media, because, Michelle is AWESOME. She saw the conversation we were having on Twitter, joined in and suggested making a reservation. Boom – done. We were locked in. I showed up right on time for our reservation and was immediately shown to an amazing booth. The hostess and server were both fabulous. Side note – there was another server there who looked exactly like Amanda Seyfried, except skinner. She was gorge and my friend and I were immediately smitten. But I digress…

I decided I would not be partaking in any adult beverages last night; I was trying to be responsible! It was a Monday night and I had a huge presentation to work on when I got home….so, to look and slightly feel as cool as everyone else, I ordered a virgin raspberry margarita. Umm….DELISH. 

Then the waitress informed us that Michelle decided I should wait no longer and just needed to try the Prawn Dynamite Rolls, so she sent over a platter. I was ridiculously nervous. Ridiculously isn’t even the right word…embarrassingly so would describe it much better! LOL

The presentation was gorgeous. Even for a non sushi lover, I had to appreciate the presentations. It took some convincing, but finally I just picked up a piece (with chopsticks like a natural pro, thank you very much) and plopped it in my mouth.
…….it was an awfully large piece and I found it a bit overwhelming. I would have preferred the piece to be smaller, so I could ease my way into all the flavours. I will say this – it wasn’t terrible. Once I got over the initial shock of all the flavours, I could probably find myself enjoying it. I will definitely try it again, but will probably cut the piece in half. Not very traditional when eating sushi…but, whatever – don’t judge me!
We also ordered the Warm Three Cheese + Spinach Dip (spinach and artichokes, ciabatta toast points) and Chicken + Wontons (sweet and spicy chili sauce). Both of which were delicious!
So all in all, last night was a big night for JennJenn! I tried: sushi, mayo, feta cheese (in the dip), and artichokes. I will definitely be going back to Earl’s King St. location, and would highly recommend all of the dishes we had. Thank you Earl’s for the amazing hospitality, and I will see you soon!


  1. That's a lot of flavours to jump into as a M&P girl. Way to branch out. What did your friend think?

    1. She's had it before, she loves, not so much.....Baby steps next time I try something new. Maybe something a little easier on the palette.