December 02, 2013

Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

UnMarketing, by Scott Stratten is so well written, and direct. It's UnComplicated and to the point. In the book, Scott explains why as marketers, we need to stop marketing and start engaging.

Scott Stratten is "the president on UnMarketing. Between being ranked one of the top influencers in the world on Twitter and getting over 60 million views of client videos, he's spent way too much time online." I personally follow @UnMarketing on Twitter, and let me tell you - Stratten practices what he preaches. He is direct; he is engaging. He showcases a new form of marketing, UnMarketing.

I often read multiple books at once, which can sometimes be overwhelming, leaving me exasperated and giving up on all of them all together. UnMarketing is so well written, you read it as if Stratten was having a conversation with you and discussing all of the points he wants to get across. But, alas, this book was perfect for me! Easy to read in multiple bursts of time.

UnMarketing emphasises the Pull and Stay method rather than Push and Pray method. The old and tired Push and Pray method is pushing your product/brand onto the customers. It's a more direct 'in-your-face' approach. With the Pull and Stay method you're pulling your market towards you. You continue to build this relationship by engaging with them, therefore you will be on the top of their list when they are in need for a service/product you offer.

UnMarketing is full of one-liners that will really stick with you....

“People still teach courses on how to cold-call better! 
That’s like finding a better way to punch people in the face”

"If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business."

I couldn't agree more with Stratten's method. I believe that now, with so many different platforms and outlets - engaging with your customers has never been more of a necessity. You need to stay current, you need to stay accessible. The old idea's of sending out hard copy newsletters has been thrown out the window - out with the old, in with the new!

Be careful though, the "new" tends to change stay on the top of your game!

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with Stratten's idea's? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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