January 01, 2014

What Have I Learned?

2013 was quite a year for me. It was definitely filled with its fair share of ups and downs. I can honestly say I have learned a lot over the past year. These are some of the lessons I've learned. 

1. It's ok to be selfish. 
You cannot be your best YOU when you're more focused on pleasing everyone else. Don't get me wrong, I know pleasure can come from helping others (#RAKE), but you have to take care of yourself as well. It's ok to be selfish. Put yourself first every now and then, you deserve it. 

2. It gets better. 
I'm a huge advocate for mental health awareness. I am someone who has battled depression for as long as I can remember.  I never used to acknowledge it. I would suffer silently on my own. It was tormenting. When something happens, and your entire world comes crashing down around you - you're forced to step up. Depression, and mental health in general, does not make one weak. It is a sickness, an should be addressed and treated as such. Recognizing that you're #SickNotWeak is the first step to a happier, healthier you. It gets better, finally I know that to be true. 

3. Take the plunge.  
In life, we often keep ourselves in situations that are not conducive to being our best selves. We become comfortable. We become lazy. This could be in relationships, friendships, work - anything. I know I'm guilty of doing this. There are so many things I have yet to do in my life, because I've been scared. Breaking out of your comfort zone is scary, but necessary. Trust in yourself and your own judgement - take the plunge. 

4. Love yourself. 
No one is perfect. There are all these expectations set on everyone to look a certain way, dress a certain way...act a certain way. Be the exception. Be different. Be weird. Be silly. Be YOU. Love yourself, flaws and all. 

5. Happiness attracts happiness. 
Smile. Laugh. Laugh so much, and so hard you may cry. Laughter is so good for the soul. If you have a positive attitude, and exude happiness - happiness will come to you. Good things will happen. Let go of the anchors that may be holding you back. Surround yourself with like minded people; happiness attracts happiness. 

Your past does not define who you are. 

With every experience in life, there is a lesson to be learned. 

Embrace all of the experiences and learn from them. 

Let's make 2014 a year to remember!

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