March 26, 2014

Test Driving the Chevrolet Malibu with #ChevyDrive

I recently had the pleasure of partnering up with Chevrolet Canada for a week long #ChevyDrive test drive of their new Chevrolet Malibu. After visiting the CIAS, thanks to Chevrolet Canada and Klout, I was very excited to get behind the wheel and give this bad boy a spin!

I have owned cars in the past, never brand new though. Let me tell you, showing up to the dealership and being presented with this beauty – I was taken aback! So shiny! So new! So pretty! It still had that “new car” smell too, and a push-button start!  #Fancy

The Chevrolet Malibu is a mid-size sedan that comfortably seated five. You could easily fit another 2-3 in the trunk…but I didn’t…I swear! Everything was automatic, and the 7-inch LCD touchscreen and Chevy’s new MyLink connectivity system were added bonuses. MyLink allows drivers to stream Pandora internet radio and podcasts on Stitcher via Bluetooth streaming. The touchscreen also has Sirius satellite radio with so many stations that I was overwhelmed. I stuck with what I knew, good old fashioned AM/FM! LOL The 7-inch LCD screen also worked with the rear-view camera for parking assistance. This took some getting used to, but by the time I dropped the car off after my week, I was using it daily!

Driving the Chevrolet Malibu was a breeze. It was a smooth, clean ride even though I drove it in a snow storm. The car handled the snow and ice like a BOSS! (Kudos to the driver as well, ME!)

I also loved the Chevrolet Malibu safety features. The “Side Blind Zone Alert”, blind-spot indicators in each side-view mirror, was especially handy. The Chevrolet Malibu is a bigger car than I was used to driving, so getting used to the bigger blind-spots was a bit trickier than I expected. Those indicators helped out big time! Another great feature was the Rear Cross Traffic Alert. This was activated when another car was too close for comfort, as an alert to me to keep my eye on them!

I will not sit here and pretend I know a lot about cars. My main priorities are:

a) Functional cup holders and
b) Trunk space

The Bu, that’s what I named her, was great on both accounts! Ample trunk space (seriously, at least 3 bodies COULD’VE fit in there) and more than enough cup holders strategically placed within the car, made for my #ChevyDrive week to be more than pleasant.


Oh, The Bu, how I miss you already. You kept my bum warm with your heated seats; you made me sing like no one was watching when my favourite song came on, especially when I plugged my iPhone into the USB port and my favourite song was ALWAYS on. You made it possible for me to sleep in just a teeny bit more and avoid a 2-hour commute to and from work. You brought my sister and I shopping (on more than one occasion that week). The Bu, you were so good to me.

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