March 04, 2014

Addicted to Cheeseburgers

Dear Ask JennJenn,
I used to be a very healthy, fit girl. In my 20's I was a pretty girl. Always out at the clubs and bars. After the clubs we would always grab some sort of fast food. Which led to me gaining at least 15 pounds. And now I'm seriously addicted to fast food. I have it at least 4 times a week. So, of course I'm struggling to get rid of these!
- Addicted to Cheeseburgers

Dear Addicted,
Isn't it a viscous circle? Party->eat like crap->feel like crap->party to feel better->eat like see where I'm going with this.
When you're young, your metabolism works so differently. But slowly, as you get older you will see it start to wear off. Your body won't be able to fight off those unwanted pounds as easily.
My suggestion(s)?
1. Reduce the amount of alcohol you intake. It's all fun and games when you're drinking it, but alcohol is just empty calories. It's a sure fire way of gaining weight. Put the bottle down, sweetie.
2. STOP getting fast food. Just stop. You will crave it and want it, but after a few days those craving will lessen. The funny thing a lot fast food is, the more you eat it...the more you will crave it. If you go without it for an extended period of time, then eat it agin I'm almost certain it will make you feel like diet afterwards. Your body will basically reject it.
3. Get a gym membership. Instead of going out with your friends and drinking, why not get together and do a group fitness class? Exercise is a heat stress reliever too, and you will start to notice the changes in your mind and body. But remember, you can work out 7 days a week, and not see any changes - you have to commit to the diet part too.
Hope this helps! Take a before and after photo and share it with us when you reach your goal!
xx - JennJenn

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