March 11, 2014

Do I Call It Quits?

Dear JennJenn,
I've been at my job for about a year now; I'm very unhappy here. I really like my position, and the potential the position can bring to my career, but the work environment is so unpleasant. I literally hate going into the office every day and am bitter the entire commute. I don't get along well with any of my co-workers, and my direct manager is the worst one of all. He is demeaning and not encouraging at all. I don't know what to do, I want to prosper in this field, but I feel as though I'm not being used to my greatest potential here.
- Do I Call It Quits?

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this! Working in a negative environment can be deterring to your productivity and even your health. When you hate where you work, you won't care to give your all. This can comeback to haunt you down the road when looking for another job.
Life isn't perfect, you won't always get along with everyone you work with. But the issue with your direct manager is something you should try to do something about. If possible, I would arrange a one-on-one meeting, express your feelings in a calm, professional manner. If nothing comes from that, bring in H.R. If your manager is treating you this way, they are probably doing so to other employees as well. A good manager is encouraging and supportive. Every company wants managers like that, and if your company knew about the practice of your manager - maybe they would step in. Maybe he needs more training, maybe he was promoted before he was ready...I don't know...
I would be sure to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and have a current resume. You never know what else is out there, so keep an eye out. If things don't change after voicing your issues, it may be time to find a new job. You can chalk this up as a great learning experience and add it to your resume.
As hard as it may be, try going into work with a positive attitude. As the saying goes, kill 'em with kindness!
xx - JennJenn

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