March 04, 2014

I Wish I Lived In A Bubble

As I sit here in Starbucks, I'm noticing the constant flow of people in and out of the establishment. Immediately, I'm agitated.
I wasn't always annoyed by the copious amount of people in this city...this is somewhat new. I spent many years as a waitress and slinging drinks in bars and clubs, so one would think I would be fine with crowds of people.
Not so much....
If I had it my way, I'd live in my own little bubble. It would be a clear bubble, so I could still people watch, but I wouldn't have to interact with people on a daily basis.
Introverts Unite
Don't get me wrong....I enjoying socializing with friends and family....just, on my own terms. So maybe deep down, I really am an introvert....
Or, I could just be cranky today....yeah, let's go with that option....
xx - JennJenn

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