May 07, 2014

Playing Dress Up For The Camera

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with an amazingly talented photographer who I’m lucky to call a friend, Marcel Dee.

Now, if you notice, most of the pictures I post of myself on social media are usually of me making a ridiculous face or just being silly overall. I’m not incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, and I warned Marcel of this prior to the shoot. He was so calm and encouraging, the nerves just went away! (The champagne I was drinking helped!) Though I still made some silly faces, I love how the pics turned out!

We did multiple sets, including a pin-up look for which Marcel’s awesome girlfriend Ashley helped with my hair. She, like Marcel, was patient and encouraging. Not to mention – ridiculously talented. I have A LOT of hair and it is usually a pain to work with. Ashley was a complete pro.


A huge thank you to May Louie who designed and provided the red and white pin-up inspired dress and jewelry. She is incredibly talented, you should check out her site to see all her work! 

I couldn't be more pleased with how AWESOME the pictures turned out, thanks to Marcel, Ashley and May! 

Be sure to check out Marcel's website for even more pictures!


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