May 08, 2014

Planning a Road Trip with Friends

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you will have noticed that I am in the midst of planning a road trip with Kate (@thatgirlcartier) to Montreal next weekend! As most of you know – I have done my fair share of road trips over the past few years, Toronto to Las Vegas; Las Vegas to Vancouver and Vancouver to Toronto. Well, this girls weekend away couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m in dire need of some quality friend time, as well as an escape from the city!

Road trips can be an amazing way to build memories. But, before heading out on your own road trip with friends, here is some advice to think about.

Choose your road trip travel partner wisely.

Traveling can be stressful. You’re in the car for hours on end and worse - you may hit traffic. Traveling is supposed to be a fun way to build great memories. So think before picking your travel partner. Are you complete opposites? Do they like to plan everything down to the last detail and you’re more spontaneous? If there are too many differences between you, this may cause some friction on your trip.

Do you know which way is which?

Before hitting the open road, you will have to decide who will drive and who will navigate. When one person is doing all of the driving, the partner should help with the navigation. Through all of my road trips, I went the old-fashioned route and had paper maps. Even when I drove solo across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto, I had paper maps that I referenced – no GPS. Your partner should be able to read a map and voice direction when needed.  

Discuss each other's road trip expectations.

I’m all for being spontaneous and going with the flow….but that being said, I’m also quite a planner. I plan ahead and know what I want to see and do when going on vacation. Talk it over with your friend, set your goals for the trip and ensure both your expectations will be met.

Is your friendship based on the “opposites attract” theory?

If you are a homebody who would prefer to stay in with your Snuggie and watch a movie while your friend is a party animal who parties until the sun rises…your trip may be a bust! Being on vacation though is a perfect time to break from your normal routine and expand your cultural horizons and experience new things.  Not only will you get to broaden your horizons, but you will also build some fantastic memories with your friend. However, if your ideas of fun are vastly different, and no one is willing to compromise – it may make for some unpleasant times and an awkward drive home.

Show me the money!

While planning your trip be sure to work out a budget with your friend. Traveling with someone who has much more expensive taste than you could lead to problems on your trip. When deciding on hotels, dining options and attractions you plan on seeing – be sure to openly discuss your ideal budget frame and work within it to meet the expectations you both have set for the trip.

The memories I have from my multiple road trips across North America are ones I will cherish forever. With a little planning and a lot of communication – a road trip with friends could be one of the best experiences of your life.

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