June 16, 2014

Back to my Bartender Roots at the #AlvearHour

When I was invited to sample Alvear Sherry for their #AlvearHour event,  I jumped at the chance! I have to admit - even though I was a bartender and a server back in the day, I have never been a sherry drinker. When I think of sherry...I think of a drink a grandmother would drink. Not mine...she prefers champagne and sparkling wine...gee, I wonder if that is where I get it from? Anywho...

I was excited to sample Alvear Sherry and to create our own cocktails. We were given instructions, and the lovely Dave from The Harbord Room was there every step of the way. Thankfully he pre-separated the egg whites for the first cocktail, because I'm such a clutz I probably would have made a mess EVERYWHERE! We made two different cocktails, both equally delicious! 

Dave from The Harbord Room introducing Maria Alvear herself

The Drinks

Ahead By A Century

1 1/2 oz. Gran Centenario Tequila
3/4 oz. Alvear's Amontillado
1 oz. Fresh lemon
1/2 oz. Maple syrup
Egg white
Hard ice

Ahead By A Century

By dry shaking the egg white with the hard ice for 7-8 seconds, this will emulsify the egg white and this is what gives you a nice, frothy egg white head atop your cocktail. After dry shaking the egg white, we added the rest of the ingredients and shook the shaker HARD for another 5-6 seconds. Pouring this through a fine strainer, and served straight up in a chilled glass. 

As a non-tequila drinker, I was hesitant to try this cocktail at first. However, it was a delicious cocktail! You could really taste the maple syrup and the sherry. And of course, the tequila - but not in an overpowering way.  

Empty Spaces

1 1/2oz. Alvear's Fino Montilla
3/4 oz. Citadelle Gin
1/2 oz. Pierre Ferrand 1840
Hard ice

The making of an Empty Spaces

This cocktail was quite a bit easier to make and took a lot less manual labour - no shaking! We simply combined all the ingredients into a mixing glass, adding hard ice until the mixing glass was 3/4 full and stirred 15-18 times. Afterwards it was strained into a chilled glass and garnished with lemon zest. Easy-peasy! 

I really enjoyed this cocktail! The Alvear's Fino Montilla tasted like raisins! We did a straight shot of the liquor as we were making this cocktail, and I was surprised at how sweet it was. 

We got to take home the bar tools we used to make our cocktails!

Along with the cocktails, there were also some tasty treats to eat. I didn't get in on the olive action (not a fan), I did however try the charcuterie board (obvs), and I even tried out the fish croquettes - which were delicious BTW!

Charcuterie Board

Seasoned Nuts and Olives

Fish Croquettes

You can find both Alvear's Amontillado and Alvear's Fino Montilla at the LCBO for under $13 each! Time to stock up your liquor cabinet and some new flavours. Try out the above recipes to impress some of your guests. 


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