July 08, 2014

Heading to Norfolk County with a Honda CR-V

When Honda contacted me and offered use of a vehicle, I couldn't have been happier! I knew I was going to be heading out to Norfolk County to go "glamping", and the Honda CR-V was perfect for this mini-road trip!

The Honda CR-V
On the road again! 

I'm used to driving smaller cars (think Pontiac Wave or similar), so when I was offered the CR-V, I was impressed! It's not overly big, but I think it is a great size. There was plenty of room for all of our luggage and coolers and what-not. There was even enough room to fold down the back seats and sleep in the car if sleeping in the "tent" got too real, or we annoyed each other too much. Luckily, we didn't have to resort to sleeping in the car! LOL

The Honda CR-V
The Honda CR-V

I really loved how great the CR-V was on gas. I drive it, a lot and we only had to fill the tank once. Driving in downtown Toronto traffic, to and from Brampton a couple times and then also to and from Norfolk County for our weekend away was all done on a tank of gas! I was impressed! Even though it was incredibly hot and we had the AC blaring - it was great on gas.

Did you know, according to Honda...
"For three decades, Honda has played a leading role in meeting environmental challenges. In fact, Honda was the first manufacturer to offer Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle (ULEV)-rated emission technology on a production vehicle."
I noticed the Eco Assist™ button in the CR-V as well. Eco Assist™ helps to improve fuel efficiency. By pushing the green ECON button, the CR-V automatically configures the engine and other energy-consuming systems to operate more efficiently. The Eco Assist™ feature also has a system in place that will tell you whether you are driving efficiently or not, while you're driving. Instrument-panel lighting changes from white (inefficient) to green (efficient), helping you get more from the gas in your CR-V.

ECON-Button-Honda-CR-V via autogaul.com

Now, I like things to be easy. I like knowing how to do things with each new car I drive, and not being overwhelmed with the technology. While the CR-V didn't have the wave-your-foot-under-the-back option for opening the back door/trunk, it was still incredibly easy, just had to use one hand. This came in handy while trying to pack everything and hold my unruly excited, 11 lb dog with the other hand. Everything is so well placed in the CR-V, which makes for effective usable space. From the folding down of the back seats to the extra-deep compartment between the driver and passenger seats - there is no shortage of usable space. 

Back Storage of the Honda CR-V
Back Storage of the Honda CR-V

I couldn't get over how much space was in the back! I think back to when I drove to Las Vegas and then to Vancouver, and then my cross-Canada adventure and how I packed my tiny little car with all of my belongings...struggling to get up the mountains as my car was too heavy! Having the CR-V would have been a great help! The seating was lush and spacious and the back seats weren't the only ones that reclined. The front seats reclined quite a bit as well! This was great for passengers needing a bit of a rest on the way home. 

Navigation Option available with the Honda CR-V

I was fortunate enough to have the EX-L model, with all the trimmings. The multiple USB outlets helped keep our phones charged at all times. The navigation system was helpful as we traveled the back roads throughout Norfolk County. At times, the road we were on was the only one on the screen as we were in the middle of farmland! The satellite radio was helpful too, as many radio stations we know didn't have signal out that far. With the EX-L model you get additional features such as heated seats (which we obviously did not use as it was a heat wave!), leather upholstery, a higher powered audio system, and more!

The Honda CR-V starts at about $25,000. 

You can learn more about the Honda CR-V HERE

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