August 25, 2014

On The Run - Preparing myself for a 5K

A few years ago I was in the best shape of my life. I was eating right, working out on a regular schedule – heck, I even had a personal trainer! But, slowly over the years – things have changed. I’ve moved quite a bit and have picked up some terrible habits, all the while – losing the good ones I had worked so hard to attain! BUT – not anymore. The older we get, the slower our metabolism works. We cannot continue to act and eat like we are 19 years old anymore. No more late-night fast food runs, no more filling our bodies with empty calories and most of all – no more laziness and excuses. I’ve realized enough is enough, and I want to get back to that healthy state I was in, both physically and mentally. Because your physical health plays a huge factor into your mental health too!

They say exercise is one of the best anti-depressants out there. Getting physical (ayyoo!) and working up a sweat releases endorphins which in turn are natural anti-depressants. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “runners high”, and that’s what it is. You get this energy that overcomes you. It’s a fantastic feeling! So, that being said – I’ll be getting back in the gym and training myself for the 5K Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon that’ll take place on October 19, 2014!

Embarking on my preparation for the 5K Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, I have put together a simple list of easy things to do to prepare for your first 5k!

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1. Sign Up For A Race!

Who are we kidding? EVERYONE needs a little motivation sometimes, and by signing up for an actual race – you’ll get just that. Races cost money to enter, and NO ONE wants to waste money nowadays, LOL! So – sign up for a race and start training!


2. Get Proper Running Shoes!

One of the problems I have had is that my running shoes are just not very good. When running on the treadmill, I often get shin splints and feel the pain afterwards as well. I’m currently shopping around for a better pair, so if you have any suggestions – PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


3. Get Those Beats Downloaded!

Personally, I always exercise so much HARDER when I got some great music playing in my ear. Something upbeat, something fun – something obviously energetic! HERE is a great resource for some exercise playlists, but let me know in the comments what your favourite workout jams are!


4. Share Your Fitness Goals!

Nothing like sharing your fitness goals and being held accountable to motivate you even more! LOL Share your goals with friends and family, encouraging them to give you those boosts when you seem to be slacking off. Better yet – get social! Share your goals through your social media streams and you may even link with others who are focusing on the same goals. By working together and encouraging each other, you’ll get those extra motivational pushes just when you need them the most!


5. Start Running!

Obviously, you need to start training. Get yourself into the gym, or working out outdoors/at home. You’ll need to train your body for the upcoming race. Running at least three times a week is suggested, and gradually increasing your run lengths. But don’t forget to weight train as well. Build your strength and endurance! You’ll be working all these muscles you forgot you had so don’t forget to stretch! You should also be watching WHAT you put in your body, because your body works off of what you put in it. If you are filling your body with crap – you will feel like crap! Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated!   

I am going to need all the help and motivation I can get, so check in on me guys! 

Also let me know if there are any fitness goals you are working towards - we can encourage each other! 

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