August 21, 2014

Travelling Solo - The Pros and Cons

As you may know, I have done some travelling alone in the past, such as when I drove from Vancouver to Toronto, and most recently I went on an overnight trip to Perth, Ontario in the Ottawa Valley. (You'll be hearing all about that trip soon enough, but in the meantime - check out my Instagram for some pics! )

The next solo trip I would like to take would be to a Caribbean destination, an all-inclusive resort. Take some "me-time", and just relax and rejuvenate!  

I absolutely love travelling alone. Don't get me wrong - it's great to get away with loved ones, friends or family - but travelling alone is also a great way to build confidence and memories. Below are some of the Pros and Cons of travelling alone. 

The Pros and Cons of Traveling Alone


Get Lost and Find Yourself

Getting away from the comforts of your everyday life, filled with friends and family and the sense of comfort – you are given the chance to learn even more about yourself. Being alone, in an unfamiliar setting will give you the opportunity to discover new things about yourself. You will break out of your comfort zone and make decisions based on your own thoughts without the familiar influences from the people you are typically surrounded by. Your confidence will soar as you are forced to make all the decisions yourself! 

Sweet, Sweet Freedom

When you travel alone, there is really no need to compromise. You have the freedom and flexibility to do as you wish without having to schedule with a travel companion. Maybe you are looking for a more relaxed; lay on the beach all day kind of vacation while your partner is more ready for adventure and activities - that’s when travelling alone is perfect! You do as you wish, when you wish! Sweet, sweet freedom – isn’t it grand? 

Meet New People

Just because you travel alone doesn’t mean you’ll be alone all the time! Whenever I have travelled solo, I have either struck up conversation with people or they have with me. When you are in a pair, or a group – you’ll often stay within your “circle” and miss out on the opportunity to meet so many new people! Great conversations can start out of the most random things. For example, I often travel with George, my garden gnome. He stirs up trouble wherever we go! And he is quite the social butterfly – everyone loves chatting with (about) him and taking pics! Don’t worry – he loves the attention! 


Lonely…I Feel So Lonely

It’s true – when travelling alone you will meet new people, but on the other end, you may also feel lonely. After all, going on trips and vacations is a great way to build memories and what’s better than building memories with the ones you love? So while the time alone can be great, also keep in mind that you may feel lonely at times and long for companionship. 

Stay Safe

Travelling alone can be scary. If you’re going on a road trip or vacation solo –be sure to share your itinerary with loved ones before you leave. Make sure they know where you are going to be, just in case. Be sure to keep your phone charged as much as possible, and check in with family or friends. When I drove across Canada from Vancouver back to Toronto, I checked in with my Grandmother each and every night when I checked into my hotel room. She tracked my trip and actually mapped it out as I went along – and that map is now framed in my house! 

Have you ever gone on a vacation alone? 

If not, would you?

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