August 28, 2014

Ultimate VIP Night Out with Cineplex and The Shops at Don Mills

Quick! What is your go-to date-night plan? Dinner and a movie? Well, you're in luck! Cineplex has now combined the two and made your date-night destination an easy choice. The Shops at Don Mills are the exclusive home for the first ever, adult-only (get your mind out of the gutter) theatre. 

If you haven't had the chance to check out The Shops at Don Mills I highly recommend it! Opened in 2009The Shops at Don Mills is Toronto's first open-air mall. Located on Don Mills Road, just south of Lawrence Ave. there are many stores and attractions for the entire family! With ample FREE outdoor parking, an outdoor skating rink in the winter and outdoor yoga in the summer - The Shops at Don Mills offers more than just shopping! You can learn more about The Shops at Don Mills on their website HERE.   

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday  9:30am - 7:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 6:00pm

The Shops at Don Mills

Now open at The Shops at Don Mills, the first ever stand-alone Cineplex VIP is something to be seen. This is the first ever stand-alone theatre in Canada to be built specifically (and exclusively) for adults. There is a spacious lounge and even an outdoor patio overlooking the shopping area! (Hello - people watching!) Both the lounge and the patio offer full bar and menu service so you can have dinner and drinks before the movie, or even after if you choose to do so.

Cineplex VIP Cineplex Entertainment

Alternatively, you can have dinner and drinks while you watch the movie in some of the most comfortable, reclining chairs out there – that even have swing-around arms that double as tables! And after you eat, you can lift the arm rest between you and your date so you can both be a little more comfortable (AKA – cuddle-time!) The in-seat service offers select options from the full menu which is available in the lounge. Some of the in-seat options available are:

- Sandwiches
- Mac and Cheese Wedges
- Deep Fried Pickles
- Chicken Fingers
- Flatbreads
- Charcuterie Board and Cheese Plate
- Cupcakes
- Ice cream

Cineplex VIP Theatre Cineplex VIP Cineplex Entertainment
Some of the menu options available at the Cineplex VIP Theatre

And of course, all of the classic movie-going snacks you’ll need (popcorn, candy, soda, chocolate, nachos etc.) And best of all – BAR SERVICE. You can enjoy some sangria, cocktails, beer – anything you’d like, while watching your movie!

There are five VIP screens in the Cineplex VIP theatre at The Shops at Don Mills. Two of these VIP screens offer the ULTIMATE in VIP movie theatre experiences. These two theatres offer the reclining chairs I mentioned earlier. There is enough leg room that even the tallest of tall people will still be comfortable. No more having a) the person behind you kicking your chair or b) the person in front of you blocking your view!

Cineplex VIP Seating Cineplex VIP Cineplex Entertainment
Cineplex VIP Seating

When we visited the new Cineplex VIP for the media preview night, I was taken aback by how extremely attentive the staff were. They went above and beyond to ensure everyone was enjoying their experience. Even when I had to be difficult and annoying asking for nacho cheese for my popcorn right before the movie was about to begin! Don’t judge me – it’s delicious! From the moment we walked in and hand-picked our seats, to the moment we left the theatre – the staff were stellar. There was an unlimited supply of appetizers and specialty cocktails prior to being seated for our movie and even more food when we were seated. Handed our menus and introduced to our server – we ordered some food and sat back ready to enjoy the movie!

Cineplex VIP Experience Cineplex VIP Cineplex Entertainment
Cineplex VIP Experience

Enjoying the movie was not hard to do! The theatre is equipped with Dolby Digital Atmos which creates multidimensional sound all around you. The sound moves with whatever is on the screen and is definitely not like anything I have heard before! Think of it like the surround sound you may have at home, but incredibly intensified! It is a more natural, realistic sound that "transports the viewer into the story with with a lifelike sensory experience." It's something spectacular, I'd say. 

Now - obviously I cannot rave so highly about this experience without giving you the opportunity to enjoy it for yourself! Enter the contest below for your chance to win an Ultimate VIP Night Out with Cineplex and The Shops at Don Mills!

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