September 05, 2014

AwesTRUCK 2014 Media Preview

The official AwesTRUCK 2014 event is being held in Mississauga’s Celebration Square, as a part of the Soundbites Festival, from September 5th-6th. The event will host different food trucks such as: Fidel Gastros, Busters Sea Cove, Gorilla Cheese, Gourmet Gringos, Me.N.U. and so many more! 

This past weekend I was one of the lucky few invited out for the media hour of the preview pop-up AwesTRUCK event. We met with Matt Dean Pettit of Rock Lobster, who walked us around and introduced us to a few of the different food truck vendors participating.

AwesTRUCK 2014
Photo Credit to Mauricio Jose Calero courtesy of Samuel Adams 

The very first thing on the menu was what I kept referring to as the breakfast of champions; beer. We were given a paddle board with two glasses of Samuel Adams, one filled with the legendary Samuel Adams Boston Lager, and the other with Latitude 48. Matt was a great host for this event, his passion for all things food was evident and he even advised which beer to pair with each tasting too! 

AwesTRUCK 2014
Jerk Chicken Wrap from Caribbean Provisions

With our paddles of beer, and hungry bellies, we headed over to Caribbean Provisions (@cpondagoinc) where we got to try the Jerk Chicken Wrap. Holy smokes, not only was this wrap MASSIVE, it was delicious. While not giving away all his tips and tricks, @cpondagoinc did share that he includes plantains in his Jerk Chicken Wrap

AwesTRUCK 2014
Mexican Corn in a cup
AwesTRUCK 2014
Mexican Corn on the cob
AwesTRUCK 2014
Canadian Maple corn in a cup

Next we made our way over to Cornehcopia (@mrcornca). Specializing in roast corn, both on the cob and in a cup - the guys behind Cornehcopia are true CORN STARS! First we tried the Mexican Corn with Mexican cheese and chilli powder. We had this on the cob and in a cup. As fun as it is to eat corn on the cob, I think my red lipstick was a bad choice as I would have smeared it everywhere leaving me to look like a sad version of The Joker. LOL So I opted for the cup version! I also really enjoyed the second flavour they brought out, the Canadian Maple. The cup versions are cut fresh from the cob.  

AwesTRUCK 2014

The last stop for our media preview was at Curbalicious (@curbaliciousinc). Here we tried the Naan Nachos which were topped with butter chicken, cheese, crema, cilantro, and a mango-lime sauce. The owner of Curbalicious brings together all the flavours from her travels and experiences around the world. And every month, she donates her "Tip Jar" to a different charity! AMAZING

AwesTRUCK 2014
Photo Credit to Mauricio Jose Calero courtesy of Samuel Adams 

I'm so happy I got to make it out for the VIP Media Preview for AwesTRUCK 2014! Not only was the food great, the company was as well. We were all having a great time, laughing and enjoying ourselves and we were lucky because Matt, from Rock Lobster was telling us about his soon to be released book, The Great Lobster Cookbook. Launching in book stores in October, you can pre-order your copy at

Are you heading out to Mississauga this weekend to check out AwesTRUCK 2014

What is your favourite food truck food?

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