September 25, 2014

Birthday Countdown - One Month To Go

Another year is passing by, and what an eventful one it has been! To say the least...

But, no dwelling on the past! I'm living a pretty darn great life now, surrounded by friends and loved ones and lots of laughs...oh, and lots of chicken wings. Mmmm...chicken wings....

As my 28th 29th 30th second 30th birthday quickly approaches, I'm sitting here thinking about just how blessed I am to be where I am. With everything that has happened, I could have ended up in a MUCH different place in my life, far worse off. But, alas - I'm here, I'm alive and I'M HAPPY

So, for my birthday this year - I want to SHARE that happiness! I'm working out the details of it all as we speak, (#stressed #timecrunch #hashtag) but I'm asking each and every one of my Toronto (GTA) friends to keep that day open! I know it isn't much advance warning, but if you can wait it out I promise I will have solidified plans ASAP.

Awesome High Fives For Everyone Who Participates! LOL

The point of the day is going to be simple. I want to spread kindness to others who may need it. And - if you're not in Toronto, or won't be able to make it on Saturday October 25th, you can perform a #RAKE (Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere) in my honour for my birthday, if you'd like!

A #RAKE can be as simple as sharing a smile with someone, paying someone a compliment, paying for the next person's drink order, leaving a dollar at a vending machine...there are so many ways to help someone else! 

I'll do my best to retweet and re-post any #RAKE stories you share! On my birthday, I'll be live tweeting and posting to Instagram all the fun we have sharing kindness with others! 

Stay tuned for more details - but in the meantime, share a smile or kind word with someone today. Remember - smiles are contagious!

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