September 16, 2014

Dinner at The Masonry in Perth Ontario

Yesterday, I wrote about being invited recently to visit Perth, Ontario. The first thing I did when I got to Perth was meet with Karen from Heritage Perth Tourism for dinner at The Masonry

The Masony is located in downtown Perth and owned by Kyle Woods. Kyle grew up in Kingston, Ontario but his family had a cottage in Perth, so he spent a lot of time there. He studied at The Culinary Institute of Canada in Charlottetown – so it’s safe to say, he knows his stuff! 

The Masonry in Perth, Ontario
The Masonry in Perth, Ontario

One of the great things about The Masonry is Kyle’s passion for all things food and local. He showcases the local area, working with farmers in the Lanark County – as well as within Ontario and across Canada, changing the menu every couple of months. Not only does The Masonry develop their menu based around what is available locally, they also stock their bar with local brews with 10 Ontario craft beers always on tap, there are also some available in bottle. Karen and I opted for wine (obvs!) and selected one of the local Ontario VQA Pinot Grigs

The Masonry in Perth Ontario
The bar at The Masonry

Once I walked in and met with Karen, our lovely server came up to take my drink order. As she was doing so she dropped off a bowl of popcorn. I thought to myself, "Neat - a little pre-dinner snack. You can't go wrong with that!" Then she mentioned that it was actually Bacon Scallion Flavoured Popcorn and the flavouring was made in-house. Needless to say, Karen and I enjoyed it VERY much! 

Bacon Scallion Flavoured Popcorn at The Masonry in Perth Ontario
Bacon Scallion Flavoured Popcorn

After chatting for a little while, we remembered that I actually had plans to go to the Classic Theatre after dinner, so we should probably put our dinner orders in! LOL I browsed the menu for a few minutes and finally decided upon ordering the Pan Roasted Cornish Hen with black eyed peas cassoulet and lemon thyme jus, served with roasted vegetables. HOLY SMOKES! Everything was local, of course, and this was delicious. I'm not sure if I was really hungry from all the driving I had done because I cleared my plate in record time! The cornish hen was roasted to perfection, still very juicy on the inside. The vegetables were crisp and not overly salty. Seriously, it was delicious! 

Local Dinner at The Masonry in Perth Ontario
Pan Roasted Cornish Hen with black eyed peas cassoulet and lemon thyme jus 
Local Dinner at The Masonry in Perth Ontario
Pan Roasted Cornish Hen with black eyed peas cassoulet and lemon thyme jus

I really loved the atmosphere at The Masonry. After dinner, Kyle came out to chat with us and invited me back the next day (Saturday) because there was going to be a live band on the patio out back. It was raining the night I got to Perth, and the rain didn't stop until I got home to Toronto the next night! So...the live music was unfortunately cancelled on day 2 of my Perth trip. Apparently the following day, Sunday, was lovely in Perth, and the patio was full of people enjoying the food and live music! LOL Just my luck!

As I have mentioned, I really enjoy going to restaurants that focus on highlighting local ingredients, and The Masonry does just that! I can't wait to go back for another visit when I'm in the area again! 


Disclaimer: Dinner was complimentary, however - as per usual, my views are entirely my own and the cornish hen really was juicy, while the carrots stayed crunchy!

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