September 26, 2014

On The Run - Four Week Check-In

It's been a couple weeks since my last On The Run Weekly Check-In, and for that - I apologize! As I mentioned, I had been quite sick lately and it's taken a little longer than expected to get over it. But alas! I'm feeling MUCH BETTER now (finally!) and can't wait to get back on the right path of training for the upcoming 5K!

Although, this week didn't start off on the greatest foot for little ol' JennJenn! While out for dinner on Sunday night, I was overcome with an utter feeling of crap! Poop. UGH! Literally. It just hit me and I was like, "Oh crap - here we go again. I'm sick!" I stayed in bed and rested a lot on Monday and was feeling a lot better by Tuesday morning!

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Tonight I'm heading into the Nike store at the Toronto Eaton Centre for a running gait analysis with Nike Canada. I'm very excited for this because when I currently run, both indoors and outdoors - I get shin splints that are very painful! So, after this analysis - I'll be prescribed the right running shoe for me and I'll be able to get back out there and enjoy running again!

Seeing as we're having a little bit of an extended summer, weather-wise, right now, this weekend will be perfect for an outdoor run. I have mostly run indoors thus far, however - seeing as the Scotiabank Marathon, Half-Marathon and 5K is an outdoor run (obvs!) - I figured it was about time I brought my training outdoors!

Stay tuned for my upcoming post about my running gait analysis and my continued progress! 

And...hopefully I won't get sick again before the 5K! *crosses fingers*

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