September 01, 2014

On The Run - One Week Check-In

Umm...ouch! It's been one week since I decided to commit and train for my first 5K, and, well - I can feel it! And while, yes - my muscles may be quite sore; it is such a good pain! I'm gaining confidence and my endurance is increasing daily. It's fantastic!

As I mentioned last week, I had slacked off on my fitness game over the past few months. Now that I'm back on track, I'm feeling better than ever! With each day I hit the gym I can literally feel myself getting stronger. Personally I believe that training for this 5K, and exercising on the regular again - is beneficial in so many ways. Exercise has been proven to help relieve stress.

Stress inevitable; it is a part of life for everyone. I have found that the best relief for me is hitting the treadmill, putting in my earphones and running. It gives me some alone time with no distractions. It's just me and my sweat! LOL 

Now, it has not always easy. There have been days where I wanted NOTHING to do with the gym. I mean, it's a long weekend Monday. Not one part of me really wanted to go - I would have much preferred to be sitting on a patio, enjoying some drinks with my friends. But I forced myself and once I started running the idea of being on a patio was a distant memory, and I left the gym feeling better than ever.

So far I have been going to the gym once a day, missing only a couple days this week. My plan for the upcoming week is to get to the gym 5-6 days, and 1-2 of those days I will run twice. I want to start getting my body adjusted to regularly waking up earlier and exercising first thing in the morning. Exercising first thing in the morning gives you a natural energy boost that'll keep you going throughout the day! 

It's only been a week, and I'm excited to continue along this journey to my first 5K...and beyond! 

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