September 02, 2014

The Third Annual Le Burger Week

Starting on September 1st, the third annual Le Burger Week kicked off in five Canadian cities, and Port au Prince, Haiti! The team behind Le Burger Week thought it would be a good idea to include Port au Prince as a way to stimulate businesses and get people to come together around fun food

"Our mission is to find the real best burger in each city with the help of burger-lovers and to engage restaurants around something fun."

Le Burger Week runs until September 7, 2014. The cities included this year are:

Quebec City
Port au Prince

For Le Burger Week, each of the participating restaurants was asked to create a unique, fun burger. In Toronto, with names like "The loaded Lucy" available from The Works, "The Jerk Lamb" from The Thompson Diner, and "Bacon, Bacon Cheeseburger" from The Rude Boy - this week is one to be filled with burgers for sure!    

The Third Annual Le Burger Week Toronto

Here is a list of the participating restaurants in Toronto, and their specialty burgers.

1.   Bannock - Super Cheeky Burger
2.   Bistro LS (La Societe) C's Burger
3.   Caplansky’s Delicatessen - The Reuben
4.   Duke's Refresher + Bar - The Woody Burger
5.   Epic Restaurant - Epic Burger
6.   Game Day on College - Big Bold Crunch
7.   Holy Chuck - The Misunderstood Fat Pig
8.   Insomnia Restaurant and Lounge - Insomnia Burger
9.   Lisa Marie - Nutella Burger
10. Patois - Chinese Pineapple Bun Burger
11. Slab Burgers - American Ultimate Burger
12. The Beverly Hotel - #WAFUBurger
13. The Lakeview Restaurant - (No burger name listed...but it has MAC AND CHEESE BALLS on it!)
14. The Rude Boy - The Bacon, Bacon, Cheeseburger
15. Thompson Diner - The Jerk Lamb Burger
16. The Work's Gourmet Burger Bistro - The Loaded Lucy
17. Toma Burger Addiction - The Truffle Cheese
18. Weslodge - Wild Mushroom
19. Wild Burger - Birch Venison Burger 

Ok - now the fun, and tasty, part! How can you get involved? Easy! You can participate by going to after trying one of the tasty burgers from any participating restaurant and voting for your favourite!


Share your burger stories with me on Twitter and Instagram - let me know where you go and which you liked the best

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