October 23, 2014

Boyz 2 Men Concert at Casino Rama Resort

Casino Rama Resort Event Concert Venue

It's not often that my sister and I get to go out just the two of us, so we decided to make the most of it and get all dolled up for the nights festivities at Casino Rama Resort. We didn't really plan our outfits together beforehand, but when we unpacked we realized that we both brought pretty much the exact same black dress. LOL We were probably the most dressed up people walking through Casino Rama that night! It didn't matter though - we were having so much fun! And as my sister said....
"We brought a little Vegas to Orillia! #Fancy"

Casino Rama Resort Event Concert Venue

Growing up, my sister and I were both fans of Boyz 2 Men. Yes, they originally came out a little before our time - but they were still staples of the R&B scene when we were kids. In fact, a few weeks ago while visiting my mother and grandmother, my sister and I came across the old Boyz 2 Men cassette tape we had! So when I was invited to the Boyz 2 Men concert at Casino Rama Resort - I knew there was only one person I had to bring with me!

Casino Rama Resort Event Concert Venue

Casino Rama Resort Event Concert Venue

If you have never been to Casino Rama Resort for a concert - you're missing out. You purchase your reserved seats, but, if you're lucky - they also have sections right in front of the stage that you can stand in. We were ushered up to the very front and were practically on stage for the whole concert! I mean, you know you're close when the performers sweat drips on you. LOL #Gross 

When you are that close to the stage, and you're making eye contact with the performers as they perform - it feels as if they're putting on the show - just for you. LOL A girl can dream, can't she?

Casino Rama Resort Event Concert Venue

Above you will see the set list from the concert that was given to me, as well as a rose that was given to me by Nathan as they sang "I'll Make Love". 


Seriously - I lost my voice that night because I sang along to every single, gosh darn song. LOL And by sing, I of course mean scream at the top of my lungs and fan out like a little school girl

But I digress...

Boyz 2 Men have been around for over 25 years. While not all members are still with the group - Nathan, Shawn and Wanya are and let me tell you - they put their all into this concert! You could see the chemistry between the three of them and the passion they have for their music and their fans. The group even performed the rock classic "American Woman" which showcased their talent in the non-traditional form they are known for (ballads and acapellas). They also performed the hit Lonestar song, "Amazed", (an all-time favourite of mine) and told the crowd that that song was originally intended for them - but they passed on it!

Casino Rama Resort Event Concert Venue

After the concert, my sister and I wandered around the casino for a little while. We made some new friends who were playing Craps. Neither of us had ever played before - so we were just watching. We must have brought some good luck, because the couple beside us started winning! The couple was explaining how the game works and then they handed us some chips to play! Who does that?! Anyways - we bet, and won, then bet again and lost it all. Womp womp. That's when we decided to head up to the room for a bit...

And as we were walking I saw someone that looked familiar. Yup - it was him - Nathan from Boyz 2 Men. How could I forget? He literally just held my hand and sang On Bended Knee to me. LOL So we stopped and chatted with him before he had to go catch his bus because they were heading back on their tour that night. He was incredibly sweet and friendly

Casino Rama offers a variety of world-class concerts and events all year long. Casino Rama has been home to Boyz 2 Men, Lonestar, Whoppi Goldberg, Tony Bennett, Robin Thicke, Reba McEntire and so many more artists!

I don't usually fan-out over celebrities...at all. However, I couldn't stop myself with Boyz 2 Men! LOL I can't wait to go back up to Casino Rama to catch another concert...or maybe a comedy show? Whoppi IS coming to town on January 10th...

You can learn more about the entertainment venue at Casino Rama HERE

Disclaimer: Our concert tickets were complimentary, however - as per usual my views are entirely my own and I really did lose my voice from watching the amazing show!

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