October 09, 2014

Having a Blast with Perth Outfitters

Perth Outfitters in Perth Ontario

Perth, Ontario is a very small town, (less than 6,000 people) but don't let that fool you! There is still plenty to do! You could go to the theatre, farmers market, check out some local talent on the food scene, pamper yourself at the spa, and even rent a boat or kayak from Perth Outfitters!

Perth is in the "Land O' Lakes" region of Ontario. This area has over 5,000 lakes, so it only made sense for Jeanie and Ian to open Perth Outfitters. Since opening in 2012 - Jeanie and Ian mentioned that they have had customers from all around the world come in and rent equipment for their local travels. Whether you want to rent a canoe or kayak for a leisure paddle through town or a motor boat to bring you further - Perth Outfitters is a one-stop shop for your outdoor needs in Perth

Perth Outfitters in Perth Ontario

As I've mentioned, it was raining during my stay in Perth but that wasn't going to stop me from having fun! I'm not made of sugar - I won't melt in the rain. LOL

After my walking history tour - I made my way over to Perth Outfitters. After meeting and speaking with the Jeanie and Ian, I decided I wasn't up to the task of heading out solo in a canoe or kayak, so Ian was kind enough to bring me out on a motor boat for a tour. 

Perth Outfitters in Perth Ontario

We went around the Perth Basin into town and around the International Friendship Fountains. The friendship fountains are a representation of the ongoing friendship the town of Perth, Ontario has with their sister cities - Asago, Japan and Perth and Kinross, Scotland. Not only that, but the International Friendship Fountains also hard at work continuously aerating and improving the water quality within the Basin. Plus...they're awfully pretty to look at and are a great backdrop for the Crystal Palace

Perth Outfitters in Perth Ontario

I want to give a big thanks to Perth Outfitters for arranging the tour and taking us out in the rain. LOL It was so beautiful to ride through the town and see the sandstone buildings from different views. Even though it was raining - I can definitely see why Perth was voted the prettiest town in Ontario

You can learn more about Perth Outfitters HERE

You can like Perth Outfitters on Facebook HERE

Perth Outfitters in Perth Ontario

George and I (LOL) had so much fun during our 24 hours in Perth. As you can tell by all the posts - it was a busy 24 hours, but a lot of fun! I want to thank Perth Tourism for bringing us out. I'll be heading back to the Ottawa Valley again soon for another trip to explore the region even more! So be sure to stay tuned to follow along!

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