October 06, 2014

Kicking my Training into High Gear with NIKE

Nike LunarGlide 6 Nike Canada Nike Running

As I've mentioned, I'm in the process of getting myself back into tip-top shape and the first (of many) of my fitness goals is to participate in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and 5K. I'm opting for the 5K as I know for a fact I am not ready for a full, nor a half marathon...yet.

There was one thing that was affecting my training, however. My foot wear. It was old and lackluster and every time I ran I got excruciating shin splints making it extremely difficult to train on a regular basis. So when I was presented the opportunity to partner with Nike Canada - I was ecstatic...to say the least

Nike invited me out for a "gait analysis" just over a week ago, and my running has improved 10-fold since! The gait analysis was simple enough. I strutted walked in straight lines, jogged on the spot as well as in a line and even performed a couple jump squats. FUN TIMES...#not, #ugh, #hashtag. But - it was well worth it because afterwards, Nike prescribed the absolute perfect shoe for me and my needs - the Nike LunarGlide 6.  
“The LunarGlide is the epitome of performance meets style,” said Rob Williams, Senior Footwear Designer. “We took a holistic approach to enhancing stability in the LunarGlide 6, and Lunarlon offers lightweight, soft and responsive cushioning. It’s the best of both worlds for runners – lightweight cushioning and amazing support.” 

Nike LunarGlide 6 Nike Canada Nike Running

This shoe is not only gorgeous, but is incredibly stable and provides a lightweight cushioning which is perfect for those long runs - Lunarlon cushioning. Once I put the shoe on, I was in love. The Nike Running specialists informed me that I over pronated and this was causing some of my problems and pain. I was 100% wearing the wrong shoes. The LunarGlide 6 has an angled dual-density foam providing dynamic support and it improves stability by slowing pronation earlier in the foot strike. BINGO. Game changer for Jenn Jenn! Sliding my feet into the LunarGlide 6 I stood up and could feel the difference on the soles of my feet as well. There is a pressure-mapped outsole that encourages natural movement. It literally felt like I was walking on air! LOL Traditional stability shoes have a medial post, the LunarGlide’s Dynamic Support uses opposing wedges of foam with different densities to offer a smooth, stable transition. 

FUN FACT: The LunarGlide 6 namesake cushioning (Lunarlon cushioning) was inspired by astronauts bounding weightlessly on the moon! 

"The LunarGlide 6 is my favorite version of the shoe so far.  I like how Nike fine-tuned it to be the perfect blend of stability and durability so I can wear them for both my long runs and my daily training runs," said Shalane Flanagan, 10,000m Bronze medalist and marathoner.  "I like the sleeker look and feel combined with soft, cloud-like feeling of the cushioning." 
Nike LunarGlide 6 Nike Canada Nike Running

When you look closely at the LunarGlide 6's - you can see what looks like spider webs under the top layer of mesh. But, rest assured - they are not! LOL The team who designed the shoe wanted to remove as much material as possible. This would help deliver a lightweight comfort. While they were doing so - that graphic pattern you see above emerged. Introducing - Nike Flywire. Nike Flywire basically hugs your foot for "an adaptive fit, and a supportive heel clip provides snug, comfortable lockdown." 

I'm so happy to have partnered with Nike Canada! The LunarGlide 6's have seriously improved my training and I've only had them for a week! I know that when I run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5K on October 19th - I'll be a lot more comfortable and better prepared now. 

I also have quite a few Press Trips lined up, so I will be travelling over the next few months. YAY! But I don't want to fall back into old habits again so I'll be continuing my training and sharing tips along the way of how to stay fit and active while travelling. Stay tuned!

You can download the Nike Running app and track your routes, distance, time, calories and so much more! This will help you track your progress and you can even share pics and compare your progress with your friends by synching your account with your social media channels. And by compare I of course mean, compete. LOL #Kidding 

In the meantime - if you're in the market for some new kicks - I highly recommend the Nike LunarGlide 6! They are available at Nike stores, Sporting Life and SportChek locations! 

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