October 14, 2014

On The Run - Early Morning Runs

Well, it's happening. The "race" (I'm not racing anyone - I plan on going at a comfortable speed) is in 5 days and I'm not quite sure I am ready, to be honest. And on top of that - this upcoming weekend is going to be insanely busy

I'm picking up my keys to my new apartment tomorrow and moving the big stuff on Saturday morning. I'm also hoping to make my way out to The Toronto Snow Snow Friday or Saturday night. Then I have the 5K bright and early on Sunday morning and I will be heading to the Delicious Food Show on Sunday afternoon.

Sleep? Who needs that? Am I right? *blank stare*

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Anyways, I have been trying to wake up early and go out for runs while it's still peaceful and quiet outside. There are a few reasons I love going for early morning runs.

Quiet Alone Time

It's silent. It's just me and my thoughts. I can start thinking about the things I need to get done that day and make mental to-do lists and prioritizing tasks. I often run without my headphones in, and the sound of my feet running on the pavement and the leaves crunching under my feet is hypnotic. There is barely any traffic out at that time so you hear yourself, your breath and nature - it's beautiful. Being alone with my thoughts first thing in the morning is great too because, by the time I get into the office I'm already multitasking and doing 10 things at once so that little bit of "me time" first thing in the morning is my solitude.

Instant Energy Boost

Running or exercising first thing in the morning (and ANY time) is a fantastic energy boost. Sure, it's not easy to drag yourself out of bed that early but I have heard it takes 21 days to condition yourself to new habits. Now, I'm not too sure how true that is, but I know that if you force yourself up and out of bed for a couple weeks in a row and you will start to see it gets easier and easier over time. One tip I have heard from more than one person is to sleep in the clothes you plan on exercising in. This will save you time in the morning - you just hop out, put your shoes on and go. Don't forget to brush your teeth first! LOL

Breathtaking Scenery

I live in an area where there are a lot of small residential streets, and I sometimes run through those. However, there is a park in my area that has trails that are lined with trees and I really enjoy running there in the morning. Especially now that the fall weather is upon us, and the trees are changing colours. It's just simply beautiful. If you're up early enough to catch some of the sunrise on your run - you will not be disappointed. We often see the sunset, just look on Instagram any given day around that time - every other picture is of the sunset LOL - but the sunrise, now that is a sight to be seen as well!  

Healthy Choices

This may sound silly, but when I run in the morning, I always think twice before eating an unhealthy lunch or snack. As in, if I run in the morning - I won't want to eat an unhealthy lunch because I will consciously think to myself - "Wait, you just ran - don't let all that good, healthy effort go to waste!" But, if I don't run...I'll gladly stuff my face with chicken wings. LOL So running and exercising first thing in the morning helps me to make healthy choices throughout the day

So, all in all - it really does pay off to exercise first thing in the morning. What time of day do you prefer to exercise

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