October 20, 2014

Time for a Change with Fuss Hair Studio

Fuss Hair Studio Toronto Leslieville
Photo Credit: Rebecca Wood Photography

Sometimes in life you randomly meet people and you instantly connect with them. And that is exactly what happened when I met Kristen (and her awesome father) while out for dinner at Mr. Ciao. We all ended up chatting and sharing our delicious food with each other! Kristen mentioned that she owned Fuss Hair Studio on Queen St E in Leslieville and that I should come by and check it out. Finally, just over a week ago - our schedules lined up and we were able to make it happen! 

Fuss Hair Studio Toronto Leslieville
Photo Credit: Rebecca Wood Photography

Fuss Hair Studio is gorgeous from the outside as well as inside. Kristen and her business partner Stacey, opened Fuss Hair Studio almost 7 years ago in May 2008 and have been a staple in the ever-growing neighbourhood since. As soon as you walk in you are greeted with a friendly yet cool and modern look and personality. Everyone in the salon was so incredibly friendly - even the salon dog, GeorgeFuss is family friendly and while I was there another lady was getting her hair done while her daughter, maybe 7-8 years old was there as well. The daughter saw me snapping pics of the salon (and selfies, of course) with my iPhone and the next time I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye...she was doing the same thing. ADORABLE! 

Kristen and Stacey poured their heart and souls into opening Fuss and it shows in the details. For example, there is a lot of heritage in Leslieville, a lot of old buildings with incredible architecture. So when Kristen and Stacey found tiles that mimicked that beauty - they ordered them and covered their ceilings! Think about it - when your laying there, getting your hair washed, you're looking up at the ceiling. So why not make it something gorgeous to look at for your clients? 

And speaking of getting your hair washed - have you ever been in a salon and laid your head back expecting to feel relaxed with a scalp massage and hair wash only to be left feeling uncomfortable and in pain due to the cold ceramic sinks with a neck cut-out that can only be described as cruel punishment? LOL Well - the ladies at Fuss have found the perfect solution. These magical (yes, I said magical) chair and sink combos are heaven-sent. You lay back, and no more struggling to keep your head afloat - your head lays flat on the sink and you can just lay back in the comfy chair and forget about your worries for that moment in time. I wasn't going to admit this...but, I almost fell asleep laying there. LOL

Fuss Hair Studio Toronto Leslieville
Fuss Hair Studio uses all Kevin Murphy products for styling
and Joico and Goldwell for colouring

Photo Credit: Rebecca Wood Photography

Before and After! Shorter, a little blonder and oh-so-much healthier! HUGE thanks to Kristen at @fusshairstudio who worked her magic on me last night!

After a long night of chatting and hair-play with Kristen, it was almost time for the reveal. We decided as soon as I came in, that a good chunk of my hair had to be cut off because it was just NOT HEALTHY. The split ends were ruining my hair and making it a disaster to style. So I sat back and gave Kristen free-reign. (Trust me - it was easier said than done - but I did it!) After a few inches (!!) were taken off, it was time for colouring. Started out with an overall brunette, similar to my natural shade to cover up my greys to even out the overall colour and then we moved on to an ombre look. I'm a huge fan of ombre, and was even tempted to do a little pink in my hair as opposed to the blonde we went with. However, I didn't feel the pink would be office-appropriate for my current job, so we went with a more natural look. Because I have A LOT of hair (it's luxurious, leave me alone) - this process did take quite awhile. Once we washed everything out of my hair we decided it would be a good idea for me to keep my eyes closed so that the final reveal would be shocking! And that - my friends - it was! Though I have been every colour imaginable from fire engine red to bleach blonde - I have kept my hair my natural brunette shade  over the past few years. Also...the length. Cutting off those couple inches doesn't seem like much but it was a shock for me to see the final product! A good shock, but still a shock nonetheless! LOL 

Fuss Hair Studio Toronto Leslieville

I just want to add one more AMAZING thing about Fuss Hair Studio. Another great thing about Fuss, and Kristen herself, is the passion. They're passionate not only about their trade but also their beliefs. They're pillars in the community for this. Fuss is one of, if not the most progressive salon in the city. When they get emails or calls from clients and people in the neighbourhood - they listen and make changes. Over the next few months you'll see more of those changes, however one thing they are doing now is hosting a "Transition Night".  

Tonight, (Monday October 20th) - Fuss Hair Studio will close its doors and host an event for teens in transition. Transitioning from male to female or female to male can be scary and overwhelming. Kristen and Stacey want to help these kids with their changes. The Transition Night will be an educational night where these kids can learn about proper grooming and keeping up with their new looks. Hosted by Fuss Hair Studio and Delisle Youth Group, these kids will be able to learn in a non-judgmental environment surrounded by people who support them. The kids will also receive goodie bags filled with Kevin Murphy products so that they can keep up with the grooming tips they learned. 

Fuss Hair Studios is the first salon in the city to host an event like this. 

How amazing is that?!?! 

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Fuss Hair Studio Toronto Leslieville

I am IN LOVE with my new hair and have gotten so many compliments on it! I can't thank Kristen enough and can't wait to go back to visit Fuss Hair Studio again. I'm beginning to think a weekly blow-out is in order on account of my laziness/hectic schedule! LOL 

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