November 25, 2014

Schnitzel HUB Grand Opening - Media Preview

Schnitzel HUB Grand Opening - Media Preview
Photo Credit: Duet PR
Schnitzel HUB Grand Opening - Media Preview
Photo Credit: Duet PR
Husband and wife team, Yan and Rita Khalfon - owners of Schnitzel HUB, opened their second location approximately 2 weeks ago in the heart of midtown, right at Yonge and St. Clair. With a focus on Eastern European delights - their focus is on inviting guests into the Khalfon family kitchen for some home-cooked goodness. With antique touches and exposed brick - you feel at home at Schnitzel HUB. It was a warm, comforting space to walk into on the cold night I went in! 

Schnitzel HUB Grand Opening - Media Preview
Photo Credit: Duet PR
Schnitzel HUB Grand Opening - Media Preview
Photo Credit: Duet PR
Chef Yan Khalfon focuses on classic Eastern European dishes, sometimes adding a Canadian twist. The menu is bursting with flavours from dishes such as home-made pierogies, herring potatoes, cabbage rolls, schnitzel, and so much more! 

FUN FACT: Chef Yan Khalfon trained at Le Cordon Bleu and has spent time in kitchens for both fine dining and casual restaurants and hotels all over Europe.

Last week I was invited to the media preview for Schnitzel HUB's newest location in midtown. I braved the freezing cold temperatures and snow storm and trekked my way up to Yonge and St. Clair. Who am I kidding, I work at Yonge and Bloor - so it literally took me 5 minutes on the subway. LOL along, ok?! 

Walking into Schnitzel HUB I was greeted warmly by owner Rita and the team who ushered me in, showed me my seat and fed me glasses of champagne

So - basically - I was in heaven.

Then...well, then I drawn to the bar. Obvs. But not on account of being thirsty - I was drawn to the bar because it was lined with their in-house infused flavoured vodkas! HELLO!  

The bar has an extensive menu of beers from Germany, Belgium and Austria and wines from all over Europe but the house-infused vodkas is what I was most interested in! Some flavours take up to three months to complete, but Schnitzel HUB uses triple distilled vodka and all natural, organic ingredients to infuse their vodkas. I've never seen anything like this! We tried too many to remember a few different flavoured vodka shots including "Candy", "Horseradish", "Strawberry Mint", and even "Lemon Ginger". They even have a "Smoked Bacon" flavour, possibly the most popular - that is infused with real Canadian bacon.

After my champagne and some vodka, I thought it'd be best to sit down and maybe put a little food in my belly. LOL I looked over the media preview dinner menu and immediately thought to myself, "Holy smokes, this is a lot of food". I thought they would bring out sample sizes for some dishes, but nope - full servings! Perfect - #FeedJennJenn!

We started with the pierogies. Two different varieties were presented - the sauerkraut mushroom, and the potato cheddar. I couldn't get enough of these! The dough was made in house, and the pierogies were perfectly cooked. I honestly think I devoured at least 4 or 5 of the potato cheddar ones. LOL

Next up was the Beet and Butternut Squash salad. The colours of this salad popped off the plate! The presentation was beautiful. I personally didn't try the salad, but everyone who I spoke to did and they were raving all about it!

Ahh, goulash. What more could you want on a cold, snowy night than some good old fashioned comfort food? Served nice and hot, the goulash was one of my favourite dished from the evening. Filled with root vegetables and meat - this dish is a fall/winter staple. 

When the Oktoberfest Sausage Board came out I was excited to dig in. Served with saurkraut - there were two different types of sausages, both made in house. Both equally delicious. Especially with the spicy mustard!

Now...what we were all waiting for...the schnitzel! The star of the night came out served spatzle, roasted root vegetable and a mushroom, bacon, red wine gravy and a side order of a German Salad Trio this dish was TO DIE FOR. I was in heaven. I was so glad I paced myself with the other dishes, because I knew this was one I would want to savour every last bite of. And, boy did I ever! I cleared my entire plate...and actually, wanted more! Don't judge me! But, because I'm not a glutton, I did not ask for more. LOL What I was most shocked to hear was the fact that we were given the lunch sized portions of the schnitzel. The chicken or veal schnitzels covered our entire plate, basically! So - imagine how large the dinner size portions are! HOLY SMOKES! 

The final dish served was dessert. A twist on the pierogies we had earlier - dessert was Sour Cherry Pierogies. I'm a fan of sour cherries, so I dug right in. Again, the dough was made in house and they were just delicious. I'm drooling as I type and look over all these pictures again. Seriously. 

With Rita, one of the owners of Schnitzel HUB .

Big thanks for the invite out to Schnitzel HUB's newest location! It was such a pleasure chatting with one of the owners, Rita. How adorable is she?! Located at Yonge and St. Clair, and only open for 2 weeks now - Schnitzel HUB already has regulars for both lunch and dinner! They even offer catering and delivery, which is perfect with the holiday season upon us.

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Disclaimer: Dinner was complimentary, however - as per usual my views are entirely my own and I am already planning on going back as soon as possible. *drools*

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