November 27, 2014

Staying Fit and Active While Travelling

Whether you're travelling for the holidays to see family, taking a weekend road trip, or even heading somewhere hot with sand and sunshine - finding a way to stay active and fit while on vacation can be difficult. It's very easy to find excuses to not workout, even when you're not on vacation. Life can be busy and hectic - and making the choice to incorporate health and fitness into your life is a choice you must make - no one else is going to make it for you! 

It is even easier to make excuses while travelling. Make excuses to eat more, indulge even more, and exercise even less. Having the mentality of, "I'm on vacation, b**ch!" just doesn't cut it the older you get because the older you get, the slower your metabolism. The slower your metabolism, the harder it is to burn off those extra pounds you put on while sipping those fruity drinks on the beach and eating all the rich food wherever it is you are visiting.  

Side note: If you are going somewhere hot with sand and sunshine and fruity drinks, can you bring me along with you? I'm fantastic fun on vacation, LOL Please and thank you!?

Anyways...travelling should be no reason to not stick with your routine and not hamper all of the progress you've made. It is a matter of committing and not making any more excuses. Period.

Here are some easy simple tips for staying fit and active while travelling.

Staying Fit and Active While Travelling

Mind The Menu

Eating out while travelling is a given. It's going to happen. But, you can make healthy choices while eating out. Review the menus and look for healthy alternatives. Grilled as opposed to fried, avoid the fries (easier said than done, I know - trust me!and opt for veggies, etc. And, yes, we've all fallen victim to it. The all-you-can-eat buffet is ever so tempting. It's so easy, especially when travelling with family or a group of people as there are multiple options to satisfy every ones taste buds. However, try to limit your portions and stay within a reasonable calorie count for the meal/day. Instead of indulging for all three of your meals, maybe only indulge once? It's all about finding a healthy balance.

Make Water Your New Best Friend

Travelling can be exhausting. #AmIRight? Whether you are flying overseas, or just going on a road trip - it can be draining. One way to keep your energy up is to stay hydrated. Drink so much water you feel like you're going to explode. Ok, well - that may be a bit much, but you get the idea. Keep a bottle of water on you at all times - especially when you are walking around town (see three points below). Staying hydrated, combined with your early morning workouts - is a sure fire way to give yourself a much needed energy boost!

Pack Accordingly

When packing, ensure you pack your fitness gear. Make sure your runners are packed, along with your workout clothes. If the hotel you are going to be staying at doesn't have a gym, or if you are going to stay with family without an accessible gym close by - pack a DVD. Throw it on in your room first thing in the morning and work up a sweat! Don't have an exercise DVD? No problem - download a fitness app and use that. A personal favourite of mine is the Nike Training Club app. It is basically your on-the-go personal trainer with over 100 full body workouts. If the hotel you are staying at has a pool, swimming laps is a great exercise too, so pack that speedo! LOL You can also pack a workout, as in pack some resistance bands and a jump rope and do multiple reps of each. And they take up less room than a hair dryer in your luggage! 

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Face it - when you're on vacation, the days can seem to just fly right by. You're busy exploring and before you know it - it's bed time. So - wake up early. Wake up nice and early and make your workout the very first thing you do that day. Before breakfast, before reading the newspaper - before anything else - workout. As I mentioned, early morning workouts are a great energy booster too! Plus, you won't have to worry about finding time later in the day to schedule your workout in. You can get your workout done first thing in the morning and then have a full day of activities and exploring

Staying Fit and Active While Travelling

Walk As Much As You Can

I can't emphasize this enough! Walking is not only a great way to stay active while travelling, but it is also a great way to explore wherever you are visiting! I'm a huge fan of walking, always have been. Blame my childhood because my mother and grandmother both love walking, so when I was a kid - we walked EVERYWHERE. Well, not literally everywhere - but you know what I mean. To the day my 78 year old grandmother walks pretty much everywhere she has to go...and enjoys it! So pack your comfy shoes and start exploring wherever you're visiting. You may even find some "off-the-map" hidden gems!

What are some of the tips and tricks you use for staying fit and active while travelling?

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