November 12, 2014

Tasting Cupcake Wines Sauvignon Blanc at iYellow Wine Club

Cupcake Wines Sauvignon Blanc at iYellow Wine Club

It's no secret that I love me some wine, and for the longest time - all I would ever drink was white. Pinot Grigio was my best friend. #TrueStory Then, as it typically happens - my palate changed as I got older and I began appreciating more diverse flavours.  Now - I actually enjoy sipping on a nice, smooth red wine - especially with the colder months upon up. Nothing better than staying in, curling up with a loved one and enjoying some quality time, am I right? 

Adding a nice glass of wine to the mix is like the icing on the cake!

Cupcake Wines Sauvignon Blanc at iYellow Wine Club

Last week I went to my second home the iYellow Wine Club for a special media tasting for the newly released in Canada, Cupcake Wines Sauvignon Blanc. Surrounded by fellow bloggers and wine lovers - I knew we were in for a treat! Not only did we taste the Sauvignon Blanc - we also had the option to taste Cupcake Wines Chardonnay, Red Velvet (a pesonal fave of mine) and Cabernet Sauvignon. The team at iYellow Wine Club know there stuff and were able to advise which wine to start with and the best route to go through all of the options. Of course, my friend and I tried all of the wines available. Obvs. Not a fan of red, her fave out of the four was the Sauvignon Blanc and I couldn't pick just one between the Sauvignon Blanc and an all time favourite of mine, the Red Velvet

Cupcake Wines Sauvignon Blanc at iYellow Wine Club

At the tasting, we also got to meet with Cupcake Wines winemaker, Jessica Tomei who talked us through the tasting of the Sauvignon Blanc, as well as answered any questions our group may have had. Jessica was amazing - she comes from a family of wine makers and drinkers - so wine is practically in her blood! She knew what she was talking about and was incredibly adorable. LOL It was a pleasure speaking with her and seeing her passion and dedication to the Cupcake Wines brand. 

The Cupcake Wines Sauvignon Blanc is the first of the Cupcake Wines to be sourced from the South Island of New Zealand. With flavours such as Meyer lemons and Key limes - the Sauvignon Blanc has hints of citrus, gooseberry and grapefruit. The "long, cool seasons in New Zealand's Marlborough region allow the grapes to mature slowly and gain character and complexity." This brings us a delicious, easy to drink wine with a creamy finish...all for under $20 a bottle

Making this a perfect hostess gift for all those upcoming holiday parties! 

Click HERE to find the Cupcake Wines Sauvignon Blanc at your local LCBO. 

Cupcake Wines Sauvignon Blanc at iYellow Wine Club

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