November 20, 2014

The Glenlivet Tasting at iYellow Wine Club

The Glenlivet Tasting at iYellow Wine Club

Oh, Mr. Ron Burgundy - I know love you even more...if that was even possible! 

The Glenlivet Tasting at iYellow Wine Club

The Glenlivet Tasting at iYellow Wine Club

Last week I headed over to my second home The iYellow Wine Cave for yet another fun filled evening. This time, however - things were a little bit different. Wine was not on the menu - however, The Glenlivet was...and plenty of it! As part of iYellow Wine Club's Speyside Series, I went to my first ever scotch tasting! And I started with the big guys - The Glenlivet! Hosted by The Glenlivet brand ambassador, straight from Scotland himself - Mr. Frank Biskupek took us on an adventure through the tastes and stories behind The Glenlivet brand. 

Starting with an Aberlour 12 year old, then The Glenlivet 12 year old, followed by The Glenlivet 15 year old, then the The Glenlivet 18 year old and finishing with Aberlour A'BUNADH. Now, I'm no scotch expert like Mr. Biskupek, or my date for the evening Mia ...but - in my humble opinion - I'm so glad I started my scotch drinking journey with the good stuffAlthough, the scrunched up faces I made after each sip sure was entertaining to the fellas at the table beside ours. 


After trying all of the above listed scotches - multiple times - my favourite was definitely The Glenlivet 15 year old. It was a smooth, easy to drink scotch - especially for a newbie like me! iYellow Wine Club has set up different snacks to pair with each round, ranging frombread (hello, soak up all the booze we were drinking - thank you!) to dark chocolate and there was even cheese. Mimmolette cheese to be exact, and this is now my new obsession. It is SO good!   

The Glenlivet Tasting at iYellow Wine Club

The Glenlivet is "the single malt that started it all". Distilled in Scotland, The Glenlivet distillery draws water from Josie's Well and other springs a short distance from the distillery and The Glenlivet's stills are lantern shaped with long, narrow necks. All of these factors help contribute to producing this light tasting spirit. I use the term "light tasting" loosely though, as someone who never really drank scotch before - this is definitely an acquired taste. However, much like wine - as you learn along the way you taste the different offerings and find one that agrees with your palette. A tip that Mr. Biskupek gave us was to drop literally a drop or two of water into your glass of scotch. This will help smooth out the flavours and takes away the initial harsh burn. However - as Mia said - scotch doesn't like to don't drown it in water or ice cubes!   

Mr. Biskupek sure knew his stuff and this is a man who loves his job! I mean, wouldn't you? He dropped some serious knowledge (and hilarious one liners) on us at the iYellow Wine Cave and as a newbie - I soaked it all in! For example - much like wine, scotch can be aged in different types of oak, such as French, American or even Sherry casks and the years listed on the bottles (15 year old, 18 year old etc.) are all averages but that is the minimum time spent in the cask. And did you know that 7 out of the top 8 scotch whiskies in the world come from one specific area in Scotland, know as the Speyside? There's gotta be something good in the water there! LOL 

Did you know that after The Glenlivet founder George Smith passed in 1871, his son - John Gordon Smith inherited the distillery.  Because the quality of The Glenlivet scotch was so superior - many imitators were renaming their products to "Glenlivet". So, J.G Smith fought tooth and nail (and with a lot of money) to have "The" officially and legally added to the brand? 

The Glenlivet Tasting at iYellow Wine Club

Fun Facts

Did you know "Single Malt" means it is made from one type of grain?

Did you know there are 110 distilleries in the 4 regions of Scotland?

Did you know Glenlivet means "valley of the smooth flowing one"?

So many thanks to iYellow Wine Club and The Glenlivet for inviting me out for this fun, informative tasting! I can now officially say - I am a scotch drinker! I will totally be ordering two fingers of The Glenlivet 15 year old sometime soon! 

Many more thanks to the ever-so-lovely Mia for being my date for the night and taking these AMAZING pictures! Check her out on Twitter HERE


iYellow Wine Club is hosting a contest right now for a chance to win an at-home scotch tasting with The Glenlivet Brand Ambassador himself - Mr. Biskupek! You can enter for your chance to win HERE. Trust me - he's a hoot and a half and you will have so much fun

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