November 14, 2014

Weekly Roundup - My Faves of the Week

It's been another hectic week as I am still settling into my new apartment. I have been spending more and more time on Pinterest finding some great DIY projects that I want to tackle and recipes I want to attempt. Attempt being the operative word there LOL 

As the week comes to an end here is other round-up of some of my faves! 

Enjoy. Read. Laugh. Share.

The most expensive home for sale in the US can house a village...a village! 

Every single bit of me wants to try out these No-Bake Oreo Truffles. #Nom 

Charitable giving is on the rise in Canada. Yay! 

According to Cosmo - this is a list of 50 things every woman must do before she dies.

If you've never suffered with depression, it can be a confusing topic. Check out this easy-to-read, simplified post on the misconceptions about depression.

Things about being an adult that sounded way cooler when I was a kid.

What I'm Reading: 

Amy Poehler Yes Please
Yes Please - Amy Poehler

Ricky Smith continues to inspire me daily. 

I'm collecting blankets for the #RAKE #BlanketDrive - if you can donate one, let me know! I'll be heading out to Walmart this weekend where they have some for as little as $5. Skip your fancy, schmancy latte for a day and help someone in need. I double-dog dare you. 

Mr. Grey will see you now....


Toodles! xx

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