December 12, 2014

CC Lounge and Supper Club Opens on Front St.

CC on Front Lounge and Supper Club

Earlier this week I attended the media preview for what is going to be, in my humble opinion, one of the new "it" spots in the city - the CC Lounge on Front St. CC Lounge opens their doors to the public today, and I fell in love with the spot when I was there earlier this week! Situated in a Heritage building that was actually constructed in 1872, you can already feel the "speakeasy" vibe once you walk in!  

There was a bird cage with a gorgeous model pouring glasses of champagne as soon as you walked in. Of course, I instantly said to myself "I HAVE to get in that!" Which, I obviously did after a couple cocktails! Draped in gold, velvet and Swarvoski crystalsCC Lounge is literally gorgeous. The whole venue is inspired by the prohibition era, with CC Lounge being home to the first Whisky Tunnel in North America. Housing 100's of varieties of whiskey, there is sure to be something to please everyone's palate. 

CC on Front Lounge and Supper Club

CC on Front Lounge and Supper Club
The Kitten Cocktail 
There were many, many cocktail choices that night, however a few of my favourites were:
The Sour (2oz Wiser’s deluxe, 2oz lime & lemon juice, 1oz simple syrup, shaken with egg whites, topped with red wine) 
The Toronto (2 oz. Wiser’s Rye, 1oz Triple Sec, ½ oz Lillet Liquor, lemons). 

Not a whisky fan? 

1. For shame! 

2. Not to worry, there are other, equally delicious cocktail options to choose from; such as my absolute fave of the night:
The Kitten Cocktail (2oz Smirnoff Double Black, 1oz Pama liquor, 1oz Chambord, muddled raspberries, topped with Champagne). (#MEOW) 

CC on Front Lounge and Supper Club
Always a good time when I see Justin
CC on Front Lounge and Supper Club
But first, let us take a selfie, Nick

As I mentioned, CC Lounge opens their doors to the public today! I can't wait to head back and try out some more of the food options available. At the moment, they have a temporary menu - with their full menu launching in January 2015. At the media preview we munched on lobster rolls, oysters, and poutine with veal and beef gravy. I'm ashamed to admit to how many of the poutines I had...let's just say, I wasn't hungry when I left! They were delicious

Learn more about CC Lounge HERE

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