December 04, 2014

How To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

So, as you may have guessed – I am a big fan of weekend getaways. Considering I have gone on at least five in the past seven months, and have two more lined up for this month…I suppose you could say I like them! LOL I love getting out and discovering hidden gems that are close to home.

How To Pack For A Weekend Getaway
Whenever I go away with someone, it never fails – I’m always asked, “What are you packing? What should I pack?” I think it’s because I have gone on so many weekend getaways and I have gotten the essential packing down to a tee!
When I go away for a weekend, I usually bring the same basics, making minor changes depending on location and occasion. I used to struggle between the two extremes of packing too much (a gal needs options!) and packing too little. But, rest assured, you can make it through a 3-day weekend without having to pack your entire closet - I promise! Of course, you will want to bring enough clothing to get your through all scenarios on your itinerary.

Be Organized

I am not a fan of clutter. I don't like seeing piles of stuff everywhere, struggling to find something because it wasn't put back where it belongs...ugh. Nope, none of that. I'm also not a fan of lose cords everywhere. So to stay organized, I like to put all the cords, batteries and whatnot, for each device in a separate Ziploc baggie. This also helps when you are checking out of the hotel so you can ensure you have everything by filling each Ziploc bag back up. I also like to have all of my travel documents and confirmation numbers handy in one place. 

Plan Ahead

Plan out your outfits ahead of time for each day. Make a list and check it twice! Have you made reservations for a nice dinner? Be sure to pack accordingly. Packing statement jewelry pieces like necklaces and bracelets can instantly glam up your look without taking up too much luggage space. Going to be out walking all day? Wear your comfortable shoes while driving to your travel destination so you don’t have to pack them. Save space, and headaches, by packing things that can be worn more than once. For example, jeans can be worn throughout the day exploring, and dressed up for a casual night out.

How To Pack For A Weekend Getaway
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Size Doesn’t Matter

Hotels will provide you with shampoo, conditioner, soap and the bare essentials – but I always pack my own. I’m sure to pack a small Ziploc bag with my travel sized essentials such as hairspray (needed for bangs daily), dry shampoo (see previous bracketed message), shampoo and conditioner as well as facial cleanser and lotion. Packing everything in a zippered bag keeps everything together, and the travel sizes take up little to no space. I also like to pack extra bags in case something leaks. 

No Excuses

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should stop with your fitness regime. Pack your runners and a workout outfit and be sure to get those early morning workouts in! I always ensure this is the first thing I pack, so as my bag fills up, I can’t make the excuse to not pack them! LOL

Function and Comfort

As I mentioned, packing clothing options that can be worn more than once is a real space saver. Pack things that are comfortable, especially when going on a road trip. Nothing makes me crankier than being stuck in the car in some uncomfortable jeans for 4 hours. LOL So I always dress, and pack – accordingly. If the plan is to be out walking all day, I always make sure to pack comfortable shoes (or boots in these cold months that are now upon us) and outfit. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Is it going to rain? Pack a small umbrella. Is it going to be cold? Make sure you have your scarf! You get the idea...

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