December 17, 2014

South St. Burger Bar Opens on King St. E

At the beginning of the month I headed out to the brand spanking new South St. Burger Bar at 260 King St. E. for the media preview. I hadn't had South St. Burger in awhile (read: years) and was curious to see what this whole "burger bar" concept was all about. 

Fun Fact: There are 2 South St. Burger locations open in Dubai

With their signature burgers including, the True North (cheddar cheese, bacon, maple infused onions and signature sauce), the Nacho (cheddar cheese, guacamole, fresh tomato salsa, lettuce and jalapeno sour cream), the Hawaiian (ginger glazed pineapple, bacon, lettuce, wasabi mayo and hot pepper relish) and the Mushroom and Swiss (sauteed mushrooms, swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and garlic mayo) and the option to build your own - everyone's appetite will surely be pleased here. 

The buns are are baked locally and delivered daily. South St. Burger even serves their burgers on gluten-free buns if you are GF. South St. Burger also buys their beef from small co-op farms where the beef is raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones and contains no preservatives or fillers

The burger bar itself reminded me of Harvey's. Where your burger comes out and you specify how you want it dressed. Except, at South St. Burger you get even more selection than the expected lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles. Here you can get sautéed mushrooms, pulled pork and even ginger glazed pineapple

I love the idea of being able to dress my burger as I want. Whenever I go to those OTHER fast good chains - for some reason  they always mess my burger up! I mean, how hard is it to make it with extra mustard, ketchup and pickles ONLY. No onions, nothing else? 


Here, my burger was dressed perfectly with all the mustard and pickles a gal could want! *drools* 
*insert mock shock face, as per usual*

The new South St Burger Bar also has a full service bar. Hello, #winning! What goes better with burgers than a nice cold brewski?! Am I right? With a sort of "pub" feeling, the South St Burger Bar was not your typical South St. Burger. They have about 6 craft beers on tap and approximately 20 in cans and bottles. #BeerMe 

The South St Burger Bar also offers wine...thank you very much! So, basically - it's my new favourite place

This evening wasn't just about eating delicious burgers and drinking cocktails, oh no. Our group of about 10-ish bloggers participated in a fun-filled game of Secret Santa. Little did we know that all the gifts were burger themed

My initial gift was a pretty bad-ass set of burger headphones, but of course - they were quickly stolen from me. 

Womp womp. 

The next gift I picked was an equally awesome burger clutch - which thankfully stayed in possession for the rest of the night. There was also a burger knapsack that ended up with Lauren O'Neil, burger cuff links that ended up with Jo Alon and even a burger laundry hamper which Dan Levy claimed - and so many more burger themed gifts! 

Fun times, indeed!

Now - it's your chance to try out South St. Burger! Enter the contest below for your chance to win $40 Burger Bucks for South St. Burger

And...if you win, and want to share the deliciousness - holla! 

Open to Canadian residents ONLY! 

Note: Please leave a comment on the South St. Burger post on my Facebook page telling me how you like your burger for an extra entry!

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All photo credit goes to Geoff Fitzgerald

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