December 24, 2014

The Treasure Chest - Carefully Curated European Vintage

The Windsor Arms Hotel is known for it's famous TIFF events as well The Tea Room and the other amazing restaurants. Now - there is a new addition to the Windsor Arms Hotel. Earlier this month I headed to the Windsor Arms Hotel for the exclusive launch of the new vintage fashion and accessories shop, The Treasure ChestThere was a constant flow of champagne - hello, I was in heaven, thank you very much. 

Opened by the heiress to the Windsor Arms Hotel - Canadian actress and DJ, Samantha Michelle as a place to showcase her love of vintage and one-of-a-kind piecesThe Treasure Chest is a heaven for anyone looking to play dress-up! No matter how old you are, this is always a fun activity! Don't lie! Samantha Michelle sourced and curated the pieces, mainly in Europe and brought them back to Toronto on her own. 

One thing you will notice when you walk into The Treasure Chest is that Samantha Michelle loves leopard print. Leopard print everything! Not only the items available at The Treasure Chest in the Windsor Arms Hotel, but also in the decor! And - I am here for all of it! I love it!  

With statement pieces, including jewels, fur, scarves, gloves, and dresses (but no pants) - there was no shortage of beautiful pieces to admire!  Check out some more pics below and head in to The Treasure Chest to have a look yourself. 

Perhaps have an afternoon with high tea followed by a little vintage shopping? Sounds like a great day to me! 

“The whole concept of the boutique is that it has absolutely nothing that you need, but everything that you can’t live without,” says Michelle, who personally searched out each glittering beaded bag and fabulous animal print fur on the racks from her favourite vintage haunts in London and dragged them across the Atlantic in her very own, presumably colossally overweight, suitcases.

You can follow The Treasure Chest on Twitter HERE.

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