January 28, 2015

Beaulieu Vineyards Coastal Sauvignon Blanc

When it comes to wine, I have found that my palette has changed over time. When I first began drinking wine, I was all about the sweet. Rose and I became quick friends. Then I headed over to the whites and we became quick friends! Though this friendship is still going strong, I have found myself leaning more towards a darker, more full-bodied red as of late. 

Though - my love of bubbly will never fade. #BFFs4eva

Last month, I was gifted with a few different bottles of wine to try out - and the one that stood out the most for me was a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc!

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Beaulieu Vineyards Coastal Sauvignon Blanc

After I had spent the day attempting some DIY projects and new recipes...attempting being the operative word there...I was more than ready for a glass of wine! LOL 

So I cracked open the bottle of Beaulieu Vineyards Coastal Sauvignon Blanc and savoured the zesty citrus flavours. I have since gone back to the LCBO to purchase myself a bottle and have paired it with a charcuterie and cheese plate. It was perfect! 

Fun Fact: The wine itself is made in the Napa Valley, yet the fruit comes from further south on California’s Central Coast

Great News!

This wine is on sale at the LCBO until the end of the month for only $8.95 a bottle! Be sure to grab yourself a bottle and show me what you pair it with on Twitter or Instagram - find me @AwesomeJennJenn

Don't forget to mention Beaulieu Vineyards - you can find them HERE! 

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