January 25, 2015

Insanity is Insane - Week Three

So...I have some bad news...

Midway through the week, my clumsy self hurt myself. It was just a typical day, I got home from worked and popped in my Insanity DVD and got ready to #DigDeeper and #SweatMore! LOL About halfway through the workout - I landed poorly after a jump. I felt my ankle twist and it took all my strength not to start crying.

Ok, I may have cried.

If you've been following me on Twitter...you'll know that I am quite clumsy. Especially in the winter. I'm always slipping on ice, falling down (or even up) stairs. Yes...falling UP a flight of stairs. It happens a lot more often than I'd care to admit. 

Moving on...

Surprisingly, this was the first time I had hurt myself doing Insanity and well, I'm proud I made it is far. *self high five* 

Insanity has actually been helping with my balance in everyday life. See, as a child - I had constant problems with my ears. In fact - I've actually had like, 6 surgeries on my left ear! And, that will affect your balance. 

So...it's not that I'm just clumsy. There are reasons behind it! 

So the fact that Insanity has been helping was a great advantage. The constant jumping and the other moves that push you to test your balance limits  were helping...and in the end, the reason I landed awkwardly actually had nothing to do with the Insanity program. My dog had decided that she wanted to join in the Insanity fun and ran out under me. That bitch. 

So after a couple days of rest - I'm back, baby! My ankle is still a little tender, so my online Beachbody coach, Tony, shared the above video with me. Showing modifications you can make to different moves. 

I have a busy couple of weeks with events and business meetings in the evenings, so I'm switching it up and will be getting up earlier to battle Insanity first thing in the morning! I've mentioned before how much I love early morning workouts, so I'm looking forward to the added energy boosts it'll give me!

I'm excited to get back into Insanity and push myself even further. Having just a couple days off I felt such a difference. My energy levels were low, I felt sluggish and bloated. I didn't think a couple days would make such a difference - but it did! 

Have you ever been flagged by injury and had to rest? Did you notice the difference after a couple of days like I did?

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