January 18, 2015

Insanity is Insane - Week Two

 “Everything is hard before it is easy." —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So...I was wrong. It's not often I admit to that...but in this case - I have to. I thought Insanity would get easier as I went along...but - nope! No-sir-ree-bob, it has not gotten easier! It's gotten harder!


It can be hard to stay motivated and committed to a 60-day program, so I'm VERY happy I've been hooked up with my online coach! Beachbody, the company behind Insanity - has the option to join the Beachbody Club. Here you get access to an online coach, meal plans customized to suit your needs and goals, and there are even message boards and group chats where you can get motivation from others who are in the same boat!

After two weeks of Insanity torture (LOL) there are a few things I have noticed...

Slimming Down
As I mentioned in last weeks check-in, I'm dropping a few lbs as I go along. Which is fantastic! I was, and am, by no means "overweight", but I definitely had (and have) a few pounds that I'd like to see gone! Insanity, combined with eating better, drinking more water and less alcohol - is helping with this mission greatly!

Hungy JennJenn
I am so hungry! All the time! My coach, Tony, put it best:

"As you do Insanity, you will notice your metabolism fire up like crazy and you'll start to get really hungry because your body is burning through food to keep up with all the anerobic exercise. So as you go along, you may find yourself needing to actually eat a bit MORE to keep with with your metabolism. It's important to listen to your body and observe your portions, and aim to eat more frequent smaller portion meals throughout the day, rather than just a couple large ones."

I can't wait to #DigDeeper and start week three! In the meantime...what's for lunch? 

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