January 03, 2015

Niagara Falls - Part Two Playing Tourist For The Day

So...after the fantastic dinner and drinks at Weinkeller - it was off to the casino. Where, to my surprise - there was a band covering all Bon Jovi songs! Now, if you know me personally, you know I am a DIE HARD Bon Jovi fan. Seriously. I have been to 6 (or is it 7 now? I'm losing count...) concerts and will go every opportunity I get. They're just fantastic. 

I mean, that voice, that hair, those guitar solos...c'mon! #Aces

Anyways...this cover band playing in the bar area of Fallsview led to JennJenn having a couple more adult beverages. Which then led to JennJenn having a wee bit of a hangover headache the following morning. #oops (Yes, I spoke in the third person - just deal with it and carry one.)

First up on the itinerary for the day was Nightmares Fear Factory. If you're on social media - I'm sure you've seen they're hilarious pictures and updates showing the scardeycats going through the Nightmares Fear Factory. Leading up to the trip I was all like, "Oh - no problem. I GOT THIS!" Then, as the trip slowly approached I was more like, "Umm, what have I done? Why have I agreed to this?" Then, the day of, I was like, "Umm - no. I do NOT want to do this. NOPE!"

Walking into Nightmares Fear Factory, I was already hungover not feeling very well with a massive headache and literally petrified for what was going to happen behind the closed door int he utter darkness that is Nightmares Fear Factory. After some coxing from people around me - I caved and agreed to go through. It's literally pitch black with people screaming at you, grabbing you, lights flashing...you have NO idea what is going to happen next. You go in only with the people you came to Nightmares Fear Factory with. So for my journey - it was just the two of us. We had to follow a red dot light...and I remember saying over and over "Please - just don't touch me. I can not handle being touched!" LOL The meanies didn't listen and I chickened out only a couple minutes in to Nightmares Fear Factory. You can "chicken out" by yelling out "Nightmares!" and they're supposed to stop and lead you out. Well, they decided to get one final scare in as they were walking me out by jumping out and grabbing me along the way! Meanies! 

I definitely want to go back, not with a hangover headache and try again. I highly advise NOT going alone and going with someone who won't try to scare you even more along the way because Nightmares Fear Factory is scary enough as is! 

After my heart calmed down and I wasn't shaking out of fear, it was off to Louis Tussard's Waxworks. I knew I'd have a good time here because as soon as I walked in I saw a replica of the DeLorean from Back To The Future! Of course, I jumped at the chance to get in. Obvs.

Filled with true-to-life wax figures sculpted by artists from around the world, it made for perfect photo ops with some "celebrities". LOL Daniel Craig,Tom Hanks and I hung out on the bench and chit chatted....

I even sat down with Oprah to chat about the new book I'm working on...

I even walked across a tight rope! Mind you, it was only a couple inches off of the ground - but nonetheless, I kept my balance! The solid rubber sole of my TOMS helped for sure as I am pretty off balance normally. LOL 

Va-va-va-voom Catwoman! Meow! 

Just when I thought the scary parts were behind me for the day, we turned a corner in Louis Tussard's Waxworks and were in a dark room with some scary figures.No, not the Homer Simpson pictured above, LOL. I'm not THAT much of a scaredy cat!  

Black lights and neon writing on the wall make JennJenn get scared! 

After Louis Tussard's Waxworks, we crossed the street and headed to Ripley's Moving Theater. As I mentioned - I have been to Niagara Falls countless times and never have I hit up any of these tourist attractions! After waiting a couple minutes, we were given a pair of fancy schmancy glasses (only to use, not to keep LOL) and ushered to our seats. After getting buckled in and ensuring nothing would fly off our bodies - the show started. The seats moved and rattled with every twist and turn on the big screen. Albiet - the videos were more aimed for kids - but being the scardeycat I was that day, I was totally ok with that! We "sat" through two videos. The first was "Rats Race Xtreme" and followed along as cartoon rats raced through a house. Not going to lie - I burst out laughing at the silliness a couple times. LOL  The second one was titled, "Winter Wipeout" and followed along as cartoon snowman were sledding through mountains. 

Spoiler: When they hit a big pile of snow, something literally came from the ceiling and felt like it was snowing int he theater! No one was expecting that! I head a couple, "What the..." followed by giggling. 

After Ripley's Moving Theater we headed to the Ripley's Odditorium which is filled with weird, fun, odd and fantastically interesting things. Want to see some shrunken heads? Go here. Want to see the jaw of a shark? Go here. Interested in reading what the fattest man in history ate daily...well, you're in luck - Ripley's Odditorium has all of that info waiting for you! LOL 

Punishment for JennJenn *sad face*

Throughout Ripley's Odditorium, there were multiple psychic and crystal ball readers. You insert a quarter or a dollar and it would read and tell you your fortune. Much to the annoyance of those around me - I stopped at every single one. LOL

After Ripley's Odditorium, it was off to the last stop on the Niagara Falls Tourist Day itinerary - The Skywheel. Now this attraction I have visited, many times! I always make it a point to ride the Skywheel when I visit Niagara Falls. You're enclosed in climate-controlled gondolas, so this is a perfect year-round attraction. You get as high as 175 feet providing spectacular views of both sets of Falls and beyond! The Skywheel is actually Canada's largest observation wheel and the views are amazing, day or night.  

I had such a great time in Niagara Falls, as usual. I can't wait to go back...but I think I will wait for some warmer weather!

Disclosure: These attractions were provided to me as part of a prize package

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