January 15, 2015

TBT - The Beginning Of My Endless Love For Road Trips

Back in 2010, I packed up my life into my tiny car and headed on the road. I had never really been on a road trip prior. I'd driven to Niagara Falls...but never really much further. So to not only head out on the road - but pack my life into a car and move somewhere new - was nerve wracking. 

To say the least...

One of the major draws for my road trip to Las Vegas was that not only would I get to see and experience so many places I had never been...but at the end of it - I knew I had a fully furnished condo in sunny Las Vegas waiting for me!  

Not too shabby, right?

The Trip to Vegas - Nightly Stops:

Night One: Sarnia, ON
Night Two: Des Moines, IA
Night Three: Brighton, CO
Night 4: Richfield, UT

Though crossing the border wasn't that easy, as I mentioned in my previous post...once we got through - it was such an incredible experience. Even though we had to make all new hotel reservations...

Driving through farm lands in Iowa to struggling to get up the Rocky Mountains because my car was so packed and altitude was not my friend - the whole experience was one for the books! Or...in this case...my blog. LOL 

Once we got into the States, we thought it would be clear sailing. Then, next thing you know - too many hours had passed and there wasn't a hotel in sight. Being as stubborn as I was am - I kept pushing myself to go a little bit further. Eventually, after more than 9.5 hours of driving...a hotel was in sight in Des Moines, IA. Hallelujah!

The next night, I remember we stayed in a random, remote town in the mountains ont he outskirts of Brighton, Colorado. After driving all day, more than originally planned because of our "border delay" - all we wanted to do was get some food and sleep

This small town had literally one road. The one pizza place was attached to the hotel. When we asked some people there questions about the town we were told that the majority of residents were recently released inmates from a prison not too far. 


So we took every single thing out of our car, brought it all up to our room, bolted the door shut and tried to catch some zzz's! Tried being the operative word! 

Once we hit Utah the next day, I knew we were close. We started seeing more and more desert landscape and left the scary mountain town far, far behind us!

Finding a small, mom and pop pizza and pasta shop was heaven at the end of that day! They had arcade games and ooeey, gooey pizza and pasta. I may have kicked butt at a game or two...but who's counting? LOL

We had hoped to take a little more time for this adventure, however the border delays put a wrench in those plans as we had to hurry to get to Las Vegas to pick up our condo keys. So, that meant 10+ hours of driving per day...not including stops and whatnot! So, needless to say - I was quite excited to finally get to Las Vegas! LOL

It was surreal driving into Las Vegas...knowing this would be my new home for an undetermined amount of time.

Being able to drive through all of these states, seeing different landmarks and just taking the entire beauty of everything in was something I wouldn't change for the world

This is how my love for road trips was born. 

Getting behind the wheel and just exploring. Finding small, random towns and talking to the locals. Getting off the beaten path and being able to create your own. I love it! 

I've been lucky enough to have been able to experience quite a few road trips...most of which I've already shared with you!

I have some more planned for 2015, and I'm looking forward to exploring even more!

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