February 17, 2015

#ILoveSAWine with iYellow Wine Club

This year, Valentines Day was spent a little differently for me! I headed out to a wine tasting with my galentine, Jen! Hosted by my awesome friends from iYellow Wine Club, we headed down to the Edward Day Gallery for a day of tasting delicious South African wines.

It's a tough life I have, I tell ya...tough life. 

Too much adorableness for a real caption

When we checked in, we were given a wine glass as well as a handful of stickers. The stickers were to be placed on our favourites of the day. 

A romantic Valentines LOL

After being given the stickers and our glass, we were free to roam around. There were 15 different wines to sample as well as delicious pairings. As usual, iYellow Wine Club brought out only the best of the best cheeses to pair with the delicious wines but they also upped the ante and supplied fresh donuts so I could eat my feelings have a treat. There was also a mac and cheese station and so much more.

It was a nice alternative having the event held in the Edward Day Gallery. With big, bright windows – the sunlight was shining in and not only were we spending the afternoon sampling different wines – we were also able to enjoy the art in the gallery! 

The ever-so-awesome Mandy from iYellow. Again - too cute!
My galentine, Jen. My friends are so pretty it hurts! LOL
"At the tip of the African continent where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet, is one of the world’s most wondrous and beautiful grape-growing regions: South Africa. With a Mediterranean climate, picturesque landscape, fascinating history and delicious wines, it’s definitely a place you should add to your travel bucket list. Most wineries are located in and around Cape Town, making it a must-visit city for wine lovers. With winter here a glass of wine is sure to soothe the soul and bring a smile to everyone’s face. This time of year it’s always nice to get more bang for your buck and sip on something delicious and south African wines offer beauty, value and great taste!"

Read more from the iYellow team and see which South African wines the founder, Angela picks HERE.

Here were some of my favourites from the day:

The Grape Grinder Pinotage

Inception Deep Layered Red

Goats Do Roam, Red and White

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