February 08, 2015

Insanity is Insane - Week Five

Well...you know what they say...

I'll rest when I'm dead

Rest is for the wicked

Yada yada yada...but when you've been doing Insanity for a few weeks...rest is needed. And much appreciated. LOL It's important to give your body a little down time to recover from the intensity of everything live been putting it through. That being said, it's not a week of doing nothing. Just...less intense workouts.

This recovery week couldn't have come at a better time. My body needed a break, both physically and mentally. So I have taken some time this past week to focus on myself. Spending a night binge watching Friends on Netflix just because I needed to zone out, or taking that extra time to find some inner peace and practice my meditation, as well as even reconnect with old friends that I haven't seen in too many years

(Not going to give a number because it will age me *insert real tears*)

All this being said - I cannot wait to kick butt in the second half of Insanity. I've noticed so many changes in my body, inside and out. My posture has improved, my endurance has risen and fat is being replaced by muscle! I initially dropped quite a few pounds when I started and then the scale just stopped moving. This was a little (read: a lot) discouraging because I felt like I was putting in all of this hard work and effort and not getting the results I wanted. But then I realized my clothes were starting to fit a bit better...that I was feeling less bloated. So I pulled out the measuring tape and low and behold - I've lost inches all over! 

That's when my BeachBody Coach gave some awesome advice:

Measuring is key—if you are only looking at a number on a scale and aren't seeing it move as much as you want, don't be discouraged. This is why you measure your body. You are most likely getting stronger while you are burning fat—and the scale can fluctuate based on water and time of day and is not the most accurate gauge of your progress. It could mean a few things, but generally it's either a matter of 1. Muscle gain and fat loss balancing each other out, or 2. Temporary water retention brought on by the stress of a new, hard program. Either way, it typically rights itself in Weeks 5 through 6. 

So - bring on the second half of Insanity - I'm ready to #DigDeeper! 

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