February 06, 2015

World of Whisky Lounge at The Forth

Spiced Citrus Nail
Maker's Mark + Drambuie + Blood Orange + Cardamom Bitters + Clove Studded Orange + Bay Leaf

Last night I headed out to The Forth on the Danforth for their World of Whiskey event. My-oh-my, how things have changed lately! I never would have wanted to, let alone been able to drink whisky before. But since going to The Glenlivet tasting at iYellow Wine Club and being introduced to a few different whiskys, I find myself enjoy whisky cocktails more often. Especially in this cold weather, a nice whisky cocktail can be just what the doctor ordered for a quick warm-up! Which was exactly what I did when I first got to The Forth. I ordered a Spiced Citrus Nail (or two). The Forth's sommelier and bar team came up with a few specialty cocktails for the night, including the Spiced Citrus Nail, The Toronto, Rob Roy and even a Manhattan

The Forth is a three-storey restaurant and cocktail lounge on the Danforth. I live on the Danforth - yet I had not had the chance to check out The Forth until the World of Whisky event. Chef Zachary Albertsen, who trained around the world in Thailand, Denmark and Chicago teamed up with The Forth's sommelier, Emily Pearce, to design a menu of pairings. Pairing dishes from around the world with whisky from the respected countries. 

Japan: Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 year Whisky with tuna sashimi

This was one of my favourite whiskys of the night. Wasn't too overpowering or strong, perfect one to start with. 

Scotland: Laphroaig 10 year (Islay) Scotch with oysters on the half shell

I have never tried oysters. I'm the first to admit that I can be a bit of a picky eater. It's something I am working on, continuously. I asked at least three or four people to describe to me what an oyster tastes like last night, and they all said the same thing - "The ocean."

Not very helpful, guys...LOL

Canada: Lot No. 40 Rye with lamb & beef meatballs

I didn't get a snap of the meatballs because I was too busy devouring the deliciousness. And...burning my tongue in the process. Note to self: let your dish cool off before stuffing your face. Lot No. 40 is Canadian made, in fact it is distilled in small batches in Windsor, ON! I really enjoyed this whisky as well, it had an almost vanilla finish to it. 

Ireland: Jameson Gold Reserve with aged Canadian cheddar fritters with pear chutney.

Jameson is such a well know, Irish whisky. The Gold Reserve was paired with delicious Canadian cheddar fritters that were topped with a pear chutney. The sweetness of the pear and sharpness of the Canadian cheddar paired perfectly with the smooth taste of the Jameson Gold Reserve

USA: Basil Hayden Bourbon with corn fritters in a sweet & smoky dipping sauce

USA: Gentlemen Jack Rare Tennessee Whisky with Cola-glazed pork belly with fresh green apple

Jack Daniels is another well-known name. And Jack, well - he and I go way back. LOL Jack Daniels, Old No. 7 - that's one of the reasons my cats name is Seven! True story. Anyways - the Gentleman Jack was an even smoother whiskey, perfectly paired with a cola-glazed pork belly sandwich topped with fresh green apple. 

India: Amrut Peated Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky with caramel mango Clafoutis, vanilla cardamom custard and banana ice cream

This premium whisky made of barely was a tad sweet, so it only made sense to be paired with a dessert dish of caramel mango Clafoutis, canilla cardamom custard and banana ice cream. Perfect pairing. 

Scotland: The Arran Malt Scotch paired with Eccles cakes

When sniffing this whisky, you could actually smell vanilla and honey and even a bit of orange. It was another sweet, single malt that paired perfectly with Eccles cakes. The perfect end to our World of Whisky tour!

You can learn more about The Forth HERE

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