March 06, 2015

Happy Friday And All That Good Stuff

Ahh, Toronto - as much as I may complain about certain things (who doesn't complain about the TTC though?) - I love ya! 

Happy birthday, baby!

I've had yet another busy week - and I love it! It seems my schedule is backwards, compared to my non-blogger friends. LOL Monday - Friday I'm a busy bee, with work and events in the evenings. Then, come Saturday and Sunday - I tend to hibernate with my bae (Netflix) and stay inside - while everyone else is going out.

Random, but amusing, nonetheless. LOL's been awhile since I did a Friday round up of some of my favourites from across the I thought I'd throw another one out there. 

Don't forget to Spring Forward this weekend! 

Read. Laugh. Enjoy. Share. 

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