March 04, 2015

Oh, Hi Guys!

Oh, hi guys! Just wanted to give a minor update...

I haven't been posting as often here because I am in the middle of redesigning the site. There are going to be some changes coming to the old blog-a-roo soon. Not just the design, but also in what content I share with you. I can't wait to share these changes with you!

I'm so excited!

Anywho...tonight I am off to learn about fraud prevention with Interac at The Carbon Bar. I'm almost exclusively use Interac debit for any and all, this should be interesting! Oh - and I've been dying to try out The Carbon Bar, win win!

Tomorrow night I'm heading to Smoque N Bones for a private dinner. Chef Alex is going to whip up my guest and I some delicious treats, including some of the new menu items! #BringOnTheMeatSweats

See you on the flip side! 


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