March 20, 2015

We Made It! FriYAY!

Another week under our belts, kids. Is it me or has this week dragged on? 

I blame the mid-week St. Paddy's Day celebrations!

After another busy week running through the six with my woes about town, I can't wait to share all my fun times with you!

Tonight I'm heading to the 8th anniversary party for my friends over at Instigator Communications. I have a few things lined up this weekend as well, but most importantly I'll be heading out to Btown to hang out with the family for a bit tomorrow. #excited

How adorable is my niece!? LOVE HER!

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Last week I checked out the launch of some new products coming from Vichy. Very excited to see how well they work after a week of continual use. I've slacked on my beauty regime, but apparently that didn't matter too much because someone was utterly shocked by my age on Tinder.

Yeah...I've got a few of these Tinder/dating stories to share with you...stay tuned, because they're hilarious. 

I mentioned a little while ago that some changes will be coming, and believe me - they are on the way. Just working out some final details on the back end of things. 

I really appreciate you sticking along through my journeys over the past year and cannot wait to share this next one with you!

Until are some links from around the interwebs that I found fun/amusing/interesting/blah blah blah.

Don't forget to enter my contest to win a Chef's Platter from Smoque N' Bones! 

Love ya lots! xoxo

Read. Laugh. Enjoy. Share. 

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